Message of solidarity to the 130,000 metal workers in the collective bargaining struggle in Turkey

Dear colleagues, you have been courageously fighting for your legitimate tariff demands for over 2 weeks. In many cities you stressed your demands with demonstrations and warning strikes to the public. The employers' association MESS has threatened you with lockout in case of a strike. This is a provocation that must not be accepted. For 5 February you are preparing strikes in many factories up to a general strike.


The first objective of the 2nd IAWC is the realization of an effective coordination of the struggles of automotive workers. International workers unity is important to oppose the greed of the highly organized multinational corporations. The global distribution of this international program of struggle, its discussion in the run-up and its approval at the IAWC and the conducting of International Automotive Workers Conferences will serve this purpose. We work on the basis of its decisions and organizational principles.

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