Solidarity greetings for the general strike of the grassroots unions in Italy on October 11, 2021

Gear Colleagues, Your courageous call for a general strike is justifiably directed "against the policies of the Draghi government and the European Union, which, with the unblocking of layoffs, the further liberalization of subcontracting and the use of PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) funds, represent a gigantic social slaughter at the expense of workers, temporary workers and the unemployed. This exclusively benefits the ruling classes and international speculators, who are primarily responsible for the economic crisis and the health and social catastrophe we have witnessed in this year and a half of pandemic.

International Solidarity and corporation-wide Struggle against the closure of the Opel plant in Eisenach/Germany

Shortly after the federal government elections, Opel has decided to stop production at its Eisenach plant in Eastern Germany until the end of the year. The reason given is a lack of semiconductor chips. However, the measure is directly related to crisis symptoms with declining sales and strategic restructuring plans starting from the parent company Stellantis. The assembly lines in Eisenach will be completely emptied, and the 1300 employees will be put on short-time work. Contrary to Opel's statements to the public, there are indications that this is in preparation for a final plant closure in Eisenach from 2022. With the production stop of the Grandland X, warehouses will be emptied and material will be sent to other plants. The facelift of the Grandland is now to be produced at the plant in Sochaux, France. Extra shifts are already planned there. So why the short-time working in Eisenach?

Information letter on the ICOG meeting - Country Reports and Resolutions

5 September 2021: The International Coordination Group (ICOG) met online for the second time on August 15. There were country reports from Brazil, Germany, India, South Africa, as well as a statement on the current situation from Tunisia. Our representative from the Philippines was excused. The country reports, resolutions, solidarity declarations and the call of the ICOG for the International Day against Fascism and War are documented on our homepage.

International Newsletter General Motors / Stellantis No. 21 - September 2021

Dear colleagues! Our last information letter in March got a very good international response, with feedback from Germany, Italy, Australia, Morocco, France, Poland and Mexico. Two Italian websites published it, and it was more widely distributed in Brazil and Mexico. In Australia, it was reprinted along with a foreword in which laid-off auto workers tell how they took their wealth of experience in the labor struggle into their new jobs.

Solidarity to the workers at GM Silao Mexico

2 September 2021 Dear colleagues at the GM plant in Silao, Mexico, We would like to extend our warmest congratulations and respect for your clear rejection of the anti-worker, company-union agreement and the resistance to the intimidation and threats! It is a powerful signal for workers in Mexico and around the world. We are very happy to hear that you have organized under an independent union SINTTIA born from the Generando Movimientos workers movement in Silao to fight for your first real contract. We congratulate you as well for making history by electing Sister Alejandra Morales Reynoso the first female president of a union in Mexico.

Call for the International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War!

The competition for influence and supremacy in the world between the leading imperialist powers USA, China, Russia and the EU is visibly increasing. Proxy wars like in Syria, Libya, Ukraine or in the Sahel zone can become a direct military clash of the imperialist great powers. The danger of a third world war is increasing dramatically. Many people are rightly concerned about this. The victory of the Islamist-fascist Taliban in Afghanistan increases the suffering of the people. And many governments are worried above all about refugees not coming to their country. On September 1, 1939, Hitler's fascism in Germany unleashed World War II with the invasion of Poland, which is why this day became a day of struggle against fascism and war:

Solidarity and greeting address to the International Day of Action and Protest on August 26, 2021 against the massive anti-communist repression, persecution and murder of trade union and political activists in the Philippines.

The International Coordination Group of International Automotive Workers Coordination discussed the situation in the Philippines at its online meeting on August 15, 2021 and adopted a statement of solidarity with the struggle in the Philippines. We note with concern that more and more targeted arrests and killings of militant trade unionists, political activists and human rights defenders by the fascist Duterte regime aim to break the Filipino people's will for freedom. This also affects activists of our International Automotive Workers' Coordination in the Philippines. This fascist terror is built on an anti-communist agitation with de facto assurance of impunity for the murderers. We protest strongly against this and demand the prosecution, international outlawing and condemnation of this fascist state terror.

Complete success for Stefan Engel and the MLPD 'Potential danger' classification struck down

3 August 2021 The proceedings in the lawsuit of Stefan Engel against the Free State of Thuringia ended today before the Second Chamber of Meiningen Administrative Court with a complete success. The court ruled that the “potential danger” letter of 15 May 2018 against Stefan Engel was unlawful. The Free State of Thuringia must pay the full court costs. “This verdict is at the same time a major success for the movement 'Don't give anticommunism a chance!'” says Gabi Fechtner, MLPD Chairwoman.

General Motors I. pvt. Ltd. Talegon,Pune, Maharastra,India.

General Motors I pvt. Ltd. processed for sell to Great Wall Motors, China. But due to geopolitical issue the agreement is pending. And process is not completed. Company management continually pressurised the union workers for VSS (Voluntarily Separation Scheme). All the employees in this company are young and they have needed to do job. Due to housing loan and child education they are in financial crises. Union and workers demanded company to continue their job even with Great Wall Motors or any other company who taken the plant. But company cannot understand the real problem. And pressurized to accept VSS.

General Motors India illegally retrench 1,086 workers

28 July, 2021 General Motors, at its Talegaon plant near Pune, India, retrenched all 1,086 unionized workers on 12 July, after they did not accept the voluntary separation scheme (VSS) offered by the company. General Motors is in the process selling its Pune plant to Great Wall Motors, a Chinese company.

Statement of Solidarity with Stefan Engel

Stefan Engel, an internationally recognized workers' leader and Marxist-Leninist theorist, is facing trial on August 3, 2021, in his home country of Germany.  He is facing charges of being a "jeopardizer" by the right-wing Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, two intelligence service chiefs and a police director.

Netherlands: Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Metalworking Industry

Correspondence Rode Morgen Netherlands July 14, 2021 Agreement in Principle on the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Metalworking Industry. After five months of strikes (mostly in relays, once nationwide at the beginning of this month), the trade unions and the employers' organization FME of the metal companies have reached an agreement in principle on a two-year CLA. During these two years, wages will be increased by a total of 5.3%: 2.3% on 1 July 2021, with compensation for the first seven months for those employed when the old CLA expired on 1 December 2020 and 3% on 1 February 2022. That is considerably more than the 2.25% for two years that FME offered for a long time using the corona problems of a few companies as an excuse, but much less than the 5% per year that the union demanded. On the positive side, youth wages will be abolished altogether for those over 18 and women with the same job and education should also receive the same pay as men. It was also agreed that 2400 temporary workers will be offered a permanent contract, although it is unclear how hard this commitment is. The problem of the high workload of many colleagues is largely referred to committees. The number of overtime hours to which one can be obliged is reduced to ten hours every four weeks. This collective bargaining agreement, which applies to 160,000 people, covers large companies such as DAF, Scania, Fokker, VDL, ASML, Siemens - but also many smaller ones. The union leadership not only gives a positive opinion for the agreement in principle, but assumes in advance that the members will agree: it sets aside two months for a vote by the members, while the actions are halted.

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