We mourn the loss of Sonti Dlamini

25 December 2021: Our friend Sonti Dlamini died of cancer much too early on Christmas Eve. She was 32 years old and leaves behind Khanysile, her 12 year old daughter. We met Sonti while preparing for the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference in Vereeniging, South Africa. In the Multinational Assistance Staff Sonti was co-responsible for the catering and thus had a great share in the success of the conference. Sonti was a reliable, gentle and kind co-worker and friend. We will cherish her memory. We wish her daughter and her friends much strength to cope with the heavy loss.


On Monday, October 11 a general strike was called in Italy by fifteen alternative unions. It was the first such unitary strike in over one decade, in the effort to break the silence imposed on the working class by the official unions (CGIL, CISL and UIL), which prefer “concerting” with the government than organising struggles in defence of workers’ conditions.

International Automotive Workers Coordination International Information Letter GM-Stellantis No. 22 - October 2021 From the group coordination Stellantis/GM in the IAC

Dear Colleagues, due to a current occasion we turn to you today with a special international information letter: On Thursday, September 30, in a night-and-fog action by Stellantis, the closure of the Opel plant in Eisenach/Germany was initiated. With the official reason of semiconductor bottlenecks Stellantis announced to shut down the production in Eisenach immediately until the end of the year at first.

Labor Information Agency - AIL Constitutional Court agrees with 20 workers and forces the company to reintegrate them

Date: 10/14/2021 Category: News Author: Labor Information Agency Editor [Bogota, Colombia] On July 26, the Constitutional Court, through its Eighth Review Chamber, issued judgment T-237 of 2021. In it, it agreed with 20 workers who sued GM Colmotores for considering that it had discriminated against them by firing them. The ruling obliges the company to reinstate those laid off, pay their salaries and benefits, and cancel any compensation that may be applicable.

Solidarity greetings for the general strike of the grassroots unions in Italy on October 11, 2021

Gear Colleagues, Your courageous call for a general strike is justifiably directed "against the policies of the Draghi government and the European Union, which, with the unblocking of layoffs, the further liberalization of subcontracting and the use of PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) funds, represent a gigantic social slaughter at the expense of workers, temporary workers and the unemployed. This exclusively benefits the ruling classes and international speculators, who are primarily responsible for the economic crisis and the health and social catastrophe we have witnessed in this year and a half of pandemic.

International Solidarity and corporation-wide Struggle against the closure of the Opel plant in Eisenach/Germany

Shortly after the federal government elections, Opel has decided to stop production at its Eisenach plant in Eastern Germany until the end of the year. The reason given is a lack of semiconductor chips. However, the measure is directly related to crisis symptoms with declining sales and strategic restructuring plans starting from the parent company Stellantis. The assembly lines in Eisenach will be completely emptied, and the 1300 employees will be put on short-time work. Contrary to Opel's statements to the public, there are indications that this is in preparation for a final plant closure in Eisenach from 2022. With the production stop of the Grandland X, warehouses will be emptied and material will be sent to other plants. The facelift of the Grandland is now to be produced at the plant in Sochaux, France. Extra shifts are already planned there. So why the short-time working in Eisenach?

Information letter on the ICOG meeting - Country Reports and Resolutions

5 September 2021: The International Coordination Group (ICOG) met online for the second time on August 15. There were country reports from Brazil, Germany, India, South Africa, as well as a statement on the current situation from Tunisia. Our representative from the Philippines was excused. The country reports, resolutions, solidarity declarations and the call of the ICOG for the International Day against Fascism and War are documented on our homepage.

International Newsletter General Motors / Stellantis No. 21 - September 2021

Dear colleagues! Our last information letter in March got a very good international response, with feedback from Germany, Italy, Australia, Morocco, France, Poland and Mexico. Two Italian websites published it, and it was more widely distributed in Brazil and Mexico. In Australia, it was reprinted along with a foreword in which laid-off auto workers tell how they took their wealth of experience in the labor struggle into their new jobs.

Solidarity to the workers at GM Silao Mexico

2 September 2021 Dear colleagues at the GM plant in Silao, Mexico, We would like to extend our warmest congratulations and respect for your clear rejection of the anti-worker, company-union agreement and the resistance to the intimidation and threats! It is a powerful signal for workers in Mexico and around the world. We are very happy to hear that you have organized under an independent union SINTTIA born from the Generando Movimientos workers movement in Silao to fight for your first real contract. We congratulate you as well for making history by electing Sister Alejandra Morales Reynoso the first female president of a union in Mexico.

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