Post May 1 update of workers’ situation in the Philippines

After almost three months since the implementation of lockdown due to COVID-19, the Filipino workers experiencing worsening political and economic woes amidst of pandemic. This is caused by the failure of government to provide comprehensive medical solution and economic relief to all affected sectors. And instead of listening to their critics and the outcry of Filipinos, the Duterte regime choose to suppress them by tagging them as rebels and terrorists.

Solidarity with the protest movements against racism in the USA and worldwide

The ICOG (International Coordination Group) of the International Automotive Workers Coordination declares its full solidarity and support with the mass protests against racism and against the fascistoid Trump government. We are appalled, sad and angry at the brutality with which George Floyd was murdered. Even before that far too many people fell victim to the police terror. At the same time it is encouraging to see how many people of different age, skin colour, origin and ideology protest decisively.

Nissan announces closure of the assembly plant in Barcelona - The struggle continues and will be intensified!

Today, May 28, 2020, Nissan's European head Gianluca De Ficchy announced the closure of the pick-up assembly plant in Barcelona as part of a restructuring plan. 2800 jobs will be destroyed by Nissan in Catalonia. Worldwide Nissan is withdrawing from Europe as its core market. The total capacities of Nissan are reduced globally by 20 percent. Instead of the 7.2 million units manufactured to date, an average of only 5.4 million will be manufactured in the future.

Philippines: May 1, 2020 KMU slams Labor Day mass arrests, calls it ‘Duterte pandemic’

News release Reference: Ed Cubelo, Kilusang Mayo Uno-Metro Manila Spokesperson --- Militant labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno-Metro Manila slammed the spate of mass arrests instigated by the Duterte administration on Labor Day. “We condemn the series of arrests conducted by the Duterte administration on Labor Day. Almost 80 activists, volunteers and citizens were arrested on May 1 by elements of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines across the country who have been conducting relief operations to hunger-stricken communities and protests bearing legitimate calls even inside their homes,” said KMU-Metro Manila Spokesperson Ed Cubelo.

Militant actions on Mayday in Germany

Organizations and supporters of the International Automobile Workers Movement were active worldwide for a militant May Day, for health protection and against shifting the burden of the crisis onto the workers and masses. In Germany, too, there were rallies, demonstrations and other actions on the streets in at least 100 places, organized by the militant opposition against the reactionary crisis management of corporations and governments with the working class at the top.

Indonesia: May Day 2020 Celebrations Amidst Corona Virus Pandemic

Report of SEDAR (participant of 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference in Vereeniging in South Africa February 2020): Hundreds FSEDAR members in small groups took part in May Day 2020 celebrations by raising posters and banners in front of factories, including PT. HRS Indonesia, PT. Ichikoh Indonesia, PT. Nanbu Plastics Indonesia, PT. Yamaha, PT. Hitachi Construction Machine, PT. Kawasaki and AICE plant of PT. Alpen Food Industry. The importance of this action is preparing ourselves fighting and going strike for defending our lives.

Report from Roberto of SI Cobas Italy on May Day 2020 Worldwide

WORKERS FIGHTING DEFYING COVID-19 AND REPRESSION The double, health and socio-economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has subjected workers, both male and female, all over the world to the same problems: protecting themselves and their families from contagion and risk of life while they are forced to work, and defending themselves from impoverishment and hunger for people who are jobless due to the closure of businesses. On May 1, the workers' international day of struggle, in most countries workers and trade unions were unable to hold their traditional demonstrations; in most countries, governments, on the pretext of preventing contagion, did not allow holding even small demonstrations in compliance with social distancing and with masks on. Also the Italian Government sent in the police to stop and heavily fine even smDownload PDFall groups of demonstrators.

Militant Mayday Greetings from colleagues of Opel Bochum and Ruesselsheim in Germany

On May 1st, Darmstadt hosted a combative rally, which was carried out in a very disciplined manner by the approximately 100 participants due to the circumstances of the Corona virus.  Due to the cancellation of all activities on May 1st by the DGB, the rally was organized by an alliance of different organizations and individuals.  "We will not miss May 1st" carried out independently.  A delegation of colleagues from Opel Ruesselsheim also took part in the rally, made a combative contribution by, among other things, rejecting the current collective bargaining agreement between IGM and metal associations as a zero round for us workers and contributed to the rally with music.  It has been shown that, despite the corona pandemic, May 1st should be heard and carried out on the street.


While we are going to continue our updating, later and tomorrow, but a great participation in the April 30- May 1 st strike is already a fact: either in the form of active strikes, with workers lining up inside or outside warehouses, abstaining from work, or actions outside factories and companies, blocking the main logistics supply chains. In the meantime, we are also recording many initiatives in several cities, outside prefectures and institutions, which are going to continue in the afternoon and tomorrow. Many initiatives of the "Vogliamo Tutto [We Want Everything]" campaign, from the House of Representatives in Rome with the Movements of struggle for the Right to Housing, up to Naples with the organized unemployed. The signal given by thousands of workers today is clear: Whereas "Phase 2" of government and the bosses means: MAKING US DIE FROM COVID-19 OR STARVATION! Our "Phase 2" means: LET’S TAKE BACK TO THE STREETS AND OUR UNION FREEDOMS! LET’S STRIKE TO DEFEND OUR HEALTH AN D WAGES!

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