Letter of solidarity to the striking automotive workers in Belarus

Dear colleagues, For several days you have been on strike together with the miners and workers of other industries. You are leading a courageous political struggle for democratic rights against the Lukashenko regime and an improvement of your whole living conditions. We show solidarity with your strike for more democracy, for the release of political prisoners, for transparent elections and against the massive suppression of the broad protest and peoples movement in Belarus.

Report of a representative of International Automotive Workers Coordination from India on current situation and development amid Covid-19 pandemic

Dear comrades. We all are known that COVID-19 pandemic is spread in all over the world. Every person is under the pressure of health care and pandemic threat. As WHO announced that covid 19 is a uncontrollable pandemic and there is no any on vaccine or medicine is available now; so personal care and social distance with mask is a way to avoid the infraction of this pandemic. When covid-19 is starting to spread in India; the central government and state government announced countrywide lockdown from 23 March 2020. Due to which all the general movement and treading is stopped as it is. All the big industries and small scale industries also locked down in India.

Solidarity for independent strikes at Fiat Chrysler in USA for Corona protection

Dear collegues, Last Thursday, the A-shift at Fiat Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) stopped work after learning that three colleagues had fallen ill with corona. Their demands are that the basic safety measures, including sufficient clearance and regular cleaning, must be guaranteed. These demands are completely justified! In fact, the management is knowingly ignoring this. The B and C shifts, despite pressure from management, joined the strike, which continued until at least Friday morning. Work was also stopped on Saturday afternoon at the Fiat-Chrysler plant Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) after it became known that a colleague had fallen ill with Corona.

Charter of Solidarity for Workers of GM PSA / FCA

(Started at the 5th international Automotive Workers' Counsel 2007, enlarged 2012 and 2020) We, the delegates and unions at plants of GM, PSA and FCA, we declare: We fight against the violation of workers' rights, destruction of jobs and against working conditions that damage our health and livelihood. The lack of rights is carried to extremes by contract work worldwide. We do not agree with „any job“ and we won't sell our working places. Our youth needs for their future working places with decent conditions. Young and old together are responsable for the future of the youth. Therefore we fight for every job!

Painting Session in Solidarity with the Nissan Workers

Dear comrades, we organized a painting session in solidarity with the Nissan workers. We salute their struggle. The Nissan-Renault conglomerate is a reactionary force that is gobbling up public money and making massive layoffs. Their struggle is our struggle. Workers solidarity! unite.communiste.lyon@gmail.com

Post May 1 update of workers’ situation in the Philippines

After almost three months since the implementation of lockdown due to COVID-19, the Filipino workers experiencing worsening political and economic woes amidst of pandemic. This is caused by the failure of government to provide comprehensive medical solution and economic relief to all affected sectors. And instead of listening to their critics and the outcry of Filipinos, the Duterte regime choose to suppress them by tagging them as rebels and terrorists.

Solidarity with the protest movements against racism in the USA and worldwide

The ICOG (International Coordination Group) of the International Automotive Workers Coordination declares its full solidarity and support with the mass protests against racism and against the fascistoid Trump government. We are appalled, sad and angry at the brutality with which George Floyd was murdered. Even before that far too many people fell victim to the police terror. At the same time it is encouraging to see how many people of different age, skin colour, origin and ideology protest decisively.

Nissan announces closure of the assembly plant in Barcelona - The struggle continues and will be intensified!

Today, May 28, 2020, Nissan's European head Gianluca De Ficchy announced the closure of the pick-up assembly plant in Barcelona as part of a restructuring plan. 2800 jobs will be destroyed by Nissan in Catalonia. Worldwide Nissan is withdrawing from Europe as its core market. The total capacities of Nissan are reduced globally by 20 percent. Instead of the 7.2 million units manufactured to date, an average of only 5.4 million will be manufactured in the future.

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