Solidarity against the dismissal of Mancha, our member of the International Coordination Group and militant trade unionist, by GM Brazil

16 November 2022: On Thursday, November 10, 2022, GM Brazil terminated trade unionist Luiz Carlos Prates (called Mancha) after 35 years of service at the São José dos Campos plant. Mancha is known as a militant labor and union leader far beyond the plant's borders and Brazil. He has been organizing GM workers at São José dos Campos for better working and living conditions for decades. At the forefront, Mancha fought to successfully vote out fascist President Bolsonaro. Mancha stands for international workers' solidarity, for the common struggle of colleagues and trade unionists at GM. Mancha organized solidarity strikes against the closure of the Opel plant in Bochum.

International Day of Environmental Struggle in Paris

Nov. 12, 2022: 20 delegations from 15 countries held a militant tribunal in Paris on Nov. 12 at the Place de la Republique, with representatives from the International Automotive Workers' Coordination. Deliberately, this tribunal took place at the site of the failed climate agreement. One speaker said, "27 UN climate conferences mean 27 conferences full of empty promises!" The call was made by the revolutionary world organization ICOR and the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist United Front.

12 November 2022: International Day of Environmental Struggle: Workers and Environmental Movement together against the destruction of the environment by capitalist greed for profit and the consequences of imperialist war

3 November: The International Coordination Group is deeply concerned about the accelerating destruction of the environment and the natural resources of humanity. Destruction of the earth's basic resources, such as deforestation of the Amazon jungles, global warming with the consequences of droughts and floods, rising levels of the world's oceans, rapid loss of biodiversity and outbreaks of pandemics have already cost thousands of lives. Millions of people are losing their livelihoods and becoming environmental refugees.

Solidarity Statement on the Uprising of the People in Iran

16 October 2022: ICOG wholeheartedly supports the peoples' uprising in Iran. Starting from the death of the young Kurdish woman Jina Amini, the mass protests in the country do not stop. The people are fighting against poverty, inflation, hunger and oppression, especially of women. Against the state violence and repression of the peoples' uprising, with thousands of arrests and already more than 150 deaths, the struggle is expanding. Since 2021, there have been 4,000 strikes by workers. These workers, experienced in struggle, are organizing, including auto workers and colleagues from the Tehran Bus Drivers Union, who support the International Automotive Workers movement. Long live International Solidarity!

Solidarity greetings for the December 2, 2022 General Strike in Italy

16 October 2022: To the workers in Italy who are holding a general strike on December 2 To SI Cobas and other grassroots unions Colleagues, the International Coordination Group of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination sends you militant greetings for your general strike on December 2, 2022. With the slogan "Wages up, weapons down" you stand exemplary for the connection of the struggle for economic demands with the struggle against the imperialist war in Ukraine and the danger of a 3rd World War. The Italian workers' movement is also particularly challenged in the struggle against a right-ward government with the participation of fascists. Workers will not be harnessed to the cart of any imperialist, whether it is called NATO, Russia or the EU. The worldwide accelerated imperialist world crisis is a challenge for us workers to fight for a real upheaval of the destructive capitalist world order. There must be an end to the unscrupulous greed for profit against any humanity and perspective of future. For a world without exploitation and oppression, for a life in unity with nature. Militant, solidary greetings Long live International Solidarity!

In Brazil, workers defeat Bolsonaro at the polls

3 November 2022: Correspondence from Brazil: Now, it is time to defeat coup actions, maintain class independence and prepare the struggle for our demands and against any attack on our rights! This Sunday (October 30), we managed to impose an important defeat to Bolsonaro (Liberal Party/PL) and the ultra-right in Brazil. In one of the most disputed and polarized elections in our history, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Workers´Party/PT) won 50.90% of the valid votes, equivalent to more than 60 million votes (60,345,999); against 49.10%, or a little more than 58 million votes, for Bolsonaro (58,206,354).

Solidarity Statement on Strike in France

16 October 2022: ICOG declares its full solidarity with your courageous struggle of refinery workers in France. Your demand for a 10 percent wage increase and environmental protection measures is fully justified. It is right that you are putting the French government with Emmanuel Macron on the spot. We condemn the planned forced obligation of workers and welcome that other workforces join the strike. Long live International Solidarity!

3rd World Women's Conference in Tunis: Final Resolution: We are women, we are strong!

9 September 2022: The International Automotive Workers' Coordination participated with a delegation in the 3rd World Women's Conference in Tunisia. We document the final resolution below: Finally! The 3rd World Women's Conference of Grassroots Women took place in Tunis/Tunisia from September 3rd to 9th, 2022 in a spirit of solidarity, inquisitiveness, argumentative, self-confident and sure of victory. With a militant demonstration that drew a lot of media attention, a celebratory opening, 31 workshops, a substantial general assembly, inspiring cultural evenings and a joint final plenary session, she inspired spirit and feelings under the motto »we are women we are strong«.

Solidarity greetings and congratulation to employees on strike at Mercedes-Benz São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil

10 September 2022: Mercedes Benz metalworkers approved stoppage against mass dismissal from 8 to 11 of September. On the eve of the independence holiday in Brazil, Mercedes-Benz announced a restructuring in its truck and bus chassis plant in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo city. This is the company's largest plant outside of Germany, 3,600 workers will be dismissed and a significant part of the production will be outsourced. The company's restructuring plan will affect the layoff of 2,200 regular workers and 1,400 outsourced workers. These will not have their temporary contracts renewed after December 2022. On Thursday 8 September 6,000 employees went on strike. Congratulation, this was exactly the right step and start to defend all of the jobs.

To the Team of "Indian Federation of Automotive unions (IFAU)" warm greetings from ICOG !!

Dear Avtar Singh, dear All, The International Coordinating Group (ICOG) of International Automotive Workers Coordination is very happy to learn about the foundation of an Indian Federation of Automotive unions on national level. Much success for this important and forward looking historical step. Cooperation with you for International solidarity of Automotive Workers and their families we will certainly and with great pleasure take up. Coordinated work will strengthen our Unity! You are going to establish an "Indian Federation of Automotive unions (IFAU)" in India. Thank you very much for inviting ICOG to the first inaugural meeting of IFAU. Our best wishes for the foundation of this National Federation of Automotive Workers Union.

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