Solidarity with the strike of Daimler colleagues in São Bernardo do Campo/Brasilien

Dear colleagues of Mercedes Brasil, we are colleagues of Daimler Sindelfingen and send you greetings of solidarity and support you in the fight for your demands. We will show solidarity with you here in Germany and invite you to the 2nd International Automobile Workers Conference February 2020 in South Africa. Let's strengthen our gang. Colleagues of Daimler Sindelfingen Press Speaker from  IAWC Sindelfingen/Germany Klaus-Jürgen Hampejs

The March 23 Strike at FCA-FIAT in Italy

FCA (Fiat Chrysler) has announced weeks of shut-downs for most Italian factories in the next months, including office workers, because its market share in Europe shrank in the last months, and it is clear that it plans to shift more production to lower cost countries with the next new models.

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