General assembly of IG Metall shop stewards at Mercedes-Benz Duesseldorf - Solidarity greetings to United Auto Workers (UAW) on strike

29 October 2023: Dear Colleagues the UAW union, the United Auto Workers in the USA, you started your strike on September 15, 2023 for the 150,000 employees of the BIG THREE: General Motors, Ford and Stellantis after the collective agreements expired. Your strike began with a few thousand to initialize as a “Stand Up” strike. It is now in its 6th week and you have expanded it to include up to 45,000 strikers at over 40 locations.

Solidarity Statement - to the striking workers in the USA at Ford, Stellantis and General Motors, to the UAW

21 October 2023: Dear colleagues, We send you a warm greeting of solidarity from Cologne/Germany. We already congratulate you on the joint strike of all three workforces against the "Big Three"! This is a big and important step - this is how you develop a strong fighting force. We heard that the first demands have already been successful. You are rightly fighting for higher wages against inflation, against division with low-wage groups and for a reduction in working hours with full wage compensation! The strike against plant closures must be possible so that we can fight effectively for our jobs.

Your fight is our fight! Long live international solidarity!

Dear colleagues from General Motors, Ford and Stellantis! Dear colleagues of the UAW! There are also reports in Germany about your historic fight, the joint fight of your three workforces. We support your demands for 40% more wages over 4 years and the abolition of the staggered wage system. We protest decisively against the 4,000 dismissals of unorganized colleagues!

Touch one – touch all! Call of the ICOG for active solidarity with the strike of the UAW in the USA

10 October 2023: Dear Colleagues, Despite a widespread media boycott, the already 4-week strike of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union against the "Big Three" (GM, Ford, Stellantis) has attracted worldwide attention. The list of international expressions of solidarity is long and an important trump card in the "historic strike". There are already 25,000 colleagues in the "Stand Up" strike. Thousands more are ready to fight. The UAW and its members have prepared for a long labor struggle. The strikers' will to fight and their self-confidence are high. A large majority in the USA is still behind them. The bosses of the international auto monopolies of the "Big Three" also know this. Meekly, they have already announced individual concessions to the workers and their union. We call on them to fulfill the justified demands of the UAW comprehensively and immediately. Workers will not be satisfied with crumbs.

Mercedes colleagues Sindelfingen - Solidarity greetings to the UAW / USA

We, Mercedes colleagues from the Sindelfingen plant, send you solidarity greetings and support your strike. We are active members of IG Metall Germany and internationally in the International Automotive Workers' Conference. Our program is: No struggle must stand alone, we are automobiles and colleagues. Your strike is just right in the situation where inflation is increasing worldwide and the burden of war and crisis is being shifted onto the working masses. To this end, you have put forward important demands, such as the reduction of working hours with full wage compensation, the right to strike against plant closures and for wage increases against inflation and against low-wage groups. Your strike has historic significance to strike together with all three corporate employees of the "big three" in the USA. We are committed to making your struggle known, to organize a common strike day, for the preservation of all jobs, for a wage supplement, for a reduction in working hours with full wage compensation and for a legal right to strike on all sides. We wish you continued strength and success for your strike! Mercedes colleagues Sindelfingen - Solidarity greetings to the UAW / USA

Offensiv Opel Bochum - Solidarity with the strike of the UAW

10 October 2023: Dear colleagues of the UAW, we send you warm greetings of solidarity from the spare parts warehouse of Opel/Vauxhall (Stellantis) in Bochum (Germany), and we wish your courageous strike a full success! Not only your demands for a wage increase of 36 percent over four years and for a reduction of working hours with full wage compensation are completely justified in view of inflation and job destruction in the conversion to electric mobility. Your decision to push through these demands with a determined strike also deserves the unconditional support and solidarity of all workers!

International Automotive Workers Coordination, Committee Ford Cologne, Germany - Declaration of solidarity to the colleagues of the UAW/USA

8 October 2023: IAC Committee "Workers Solidarity Cologne": Dear colleagues, we send you militant greetings for your strike. We are colleagues from Ford in Cologne, active trade unionists in the IG Metall and work in the International Automotive Workers Coordination (www.automotiveworkers.org). This organization is committed to the international cooperation and coordination of the struggles of the automotive workers. No struggle should stand alone. This is a point of our struggle program, which we decided at the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference 2020 in South Africa. We urgently want contact and cooperation on this, especially with our Ford colleagues in the USA.

International Automotive Workers Coordination International Information Letter GM-Stellantis No. 23 - October 2023 From the Stellantis/GM Group Coordination in the IAC.

3 October 2023: Dear Colleagues, It is a great omission on our part as Group Coordination that we have not issued an International Information Letter for quite some time! For more than a year and a half, a war has been raging in Ukraine which is unjust on both sides and which involves an escalation towards a third world war. The danger of war is also intensifying in East Asia, in the Caucasus or in West Africa. A global environmental catastrophe also endangers the existence of mankind. We workers together with the peace-loving people all over the world must put a stop to those responsible at the top of corporations and governments!

The United Front expresses its solidarity with the UAW and its members who are on strike.

25 September 2023: Dear Shawn Fain, Dear colleagues of the UAW, on September 15th, a significant moment in American labor history unfolded when United Auto Workers (UAW) members initiated targeted strikes. These strikes occurred after their union contracts with the "Big Three" automakers (Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, the parent company of Chrysler) expired without new union agreements being reached. The United Front (International Anti-Imperialist United Front Against Fascism, War, and Environmental Destruction) expresses its solidarity with the UAW and its members who are on strike.

No struggle should stand alone anymore! Cross-border solidarity, coordination and cooperation are the order of the day!

Documented from website of International Miners Conference: 25 September 2023: The 3rd International Miners’ Conference (IMC), held from 31 August to 3 September 2023, was a great step forward in the international union of the world’s miners. 35 experienced delegates from 19 countries exchanged opinions and experiences and decided with great seriousness on even closer and more powerful cooperation in the future.

UAW threatens to expand strike as deadline approaches

Documented from IndustriALL website: 21 September, 2023 IndustriALL affiliate, the United Auto Workers (UAW) is entering its sixth day of strike, and UAW President Shawn Fain has issued a stern warning: unless Ford, General Motors, or Stellantis, collectively known as the Big Three, make substantial progress towards a fair agreement by Friday 22 September, the strike will escalate.

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