'Anti-fascist front and fight for socialism'

The Rode Morgen interviews Frank Hammer on recent developments in the United States. Frank worked at General Motors in Detroit and was a delegate at the International Automotive Workers Conference in South Africa in February 2020.

Declaration of solidarity for the colleagues of PSA Kenitra (Morocco)

Dear colleagues, On behalf of the spokespersons for international group cooperation at PSA, GM and FCA we send you fraternal greetings! You have taken up the struggle for your justified demands for higher wages and better working conditions. The Moroccan state has sent the military to end the strike. This shows on which side this state is on. But the reasons for your struggle are still there. We workers learn not to be intimidated and to organize our struggle better and better. This requires international cooperation and solidarity is necessary. We have been working for many years with colleagues, with colleagues, workforces and trade unions all over the world, exchange experiences and support each other. We invite you to become part of our coordination! Together we will be stronger than the bosses of the corporations! Long live the just struggle of the brothers in Kenitra! Long live the international solidarity! For the group of spokesmen Fritz Hofmann

Congratulation on courageous strike at PSA Morocco

Colleagues, As coordinators of the International Automotive Conference, we congratulate you on your courageous strike! You are an example for all PSA employees! It is intolerable that this multinational Stellantis group (PSA with Fiat-Chrysler) pays such scandalous salaries. Your demands are absolutely justified. We will inform the PSA-workers all over the world and call for solidarity for your struggle. Good luck! on behalf of the coordinators Fritz Hofmann Germany

Strike at PSA in Kenitra (Morocco)

On January 27, the 2500 employees of the new PSA plant in Kenitra (Morocco) went on strike. They handed over a list of demands to the management. The central demand is an increase in wages from the previous 240 euros for a 6-day week. They are also demanding, among other things, work suits and on-the-job medical care. PSA has the Peugeot 208 produced in a free zone near Rabat and plans to increase capacity from 90,000 to up to 200,000 vehicles.

Netherlands: Metall CBA: Who will not listen, must feel

Documented from Rode Morgen 1 February 2021: Next step: a sector-wide strike with a nationwide demonstration Thursday, January 21 began the relay strike for a better collective bargaining agreement in the Metal-Electro-industry. Since September talks on a new CBA have been ongoing - without result.

Stop the Closure of All Ford Plants in Brazil!

The Ford Co announced on January 11, 2021 their decision to end vehicle production at its three plants in Brazil in 2021. The Camaçari (BA) and Taubaté (SP) plants will be closed immediately, according to the company, maintaining only the production of parts for after sales stocks. These closures have a devastating impact on the workers. 3,500 employees work at the Camaçari plant, 830 at Taubaté plant and 470 at Horizonte plant. At least another 15,000 outsourced workers in and out these three plants will be fired.

International solidarity against fascist coup attempt in the USA!

Publication of the ICOG on the handing over of the presidency of the USA to Joe Biden on January 20, 2021: Already on January 6, armed fascist groups wanted to keep the ex-president of the USA, Donald Trump, in power with a coup by storming the Capitol in Washington. The strings were clearly pulled by Donald Trump. He had to backpedal a bit due to public pressure afterwards, but continued to defend his inciting speech as "appropriate."

We are mourning the death of Jürgen Wolf

We are mourning the death of Jürgen Wolf, who passed away related to Covid-19 on 5th of January. Jürgen was closely connected with the Opel workers from Bochum, their struggle and the international automotive workers' movement for decades. The colleagues of "Offensiv", the initiative for militant workers council work at Opel in Bochum, write: "To us at OFFENSIV he was an indispensable advisor, helper and good friend from the very beginning.

Good luck, power and health in the New Year 2021 !

We look forward to a militant and successful year 2021 ! The International Coordination Group expresses its sincere thanks for the good cooperation in 2020. In February our successful 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference in Vereeniging in South Africa was a significant and unforgotten highlight and signpost for the years to come. Good luck, power and health in the New Year 2021 !

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