Correspondence from East London South Africa on situation at Mercedes-Benz

Dear comrades, our situation (amid Coronavirus Pandemic) has not improved as such, there are even talks about getting back to stricter levels such as level 5, especially in our Province in the Eastern Cape where we are situated. ... We too in South Africa experience serious attacks on our jobs in the car and supplier industry. The number of jobs in the Automotive Industry in RSA (Republic of South Africa) are 66,000 jobs in the motor industry. 19,800 jobs are estimated to be about to be lost.

Automobile Workers strike in Tabriz

Iran Khodro workers in Tabriz went on strike on 9 October. Workers demand the payment of their arrears. It has not been seen in any country that the workers do not receive their salaries after work they have done. In any slavery system of capitalism workers are being exploited. Everywhere workers have to work and capitalists pay them a small part of what they produce in order to be able to continue working. But in Iran they do not even pay that. They do not pay workers for months. For a long time they postpone the payment of their salaries, or they do not pay it at all.

Greeting messages to nationwide delegates meeting in Germany

On October 18, 2020 successfully took place a nationwide delegates meeting in Germany. Greetings were orally forwarded from colleagues from Mercedes-Benz South-Africa and members of supporter group of International Automotive Workers Coordination in East-London South Africa. Also greetings were received from abroad from the Netherlands, Philippines and friends from Iran.

Worldwide solidarity in the fight against the massive attacks on Daimler employees! Corporation-wide fight for every job and apprenticeship position! For the 30-hour week with full wage compensation!

Dear colleagues, With indignation we reject the provocative plans announced on September 23 by the Daimler Board of Management for the closure of locations and further mass destruction of jobs in Germany. In July, a key agreement with the Central Workers Council guaranteed that there would be no compulsory redundancies until the end of 2029. At MAN, where 9,500 jobs are to be cut, the works agreement on guaranteed employment until the end of 2029 has been terminated. It is apparent that these agreements are merely calming pills. Now the Daimler Board of Management announces at an investor meeting: The profit line must be increased, 20% "savings" above all in workforce. Insiders estimate that a total of 20 to 30,000 jobs at Daimler will be destroyed in the next few years. Daimler is focusing on "voluntary" severance payments, partial retirement or early retirement. But every job that is destroyed is painfully lacking for our youth. Therefore, fight for every job!

Current Call of German Coordinating Group - Solidarity with Daimler colleagues

Hello dear support groups of the IAC, After Daimler has been distributing since weeks its "declarations of war" to the workforce via the works council, and after 30,000 job cuts have been announced in the media and plant closures/sales have been announced, the board of directors has now announced its plans at an investor meeting: 20% "savings" and the profit line must be increased. Tomorrow there will be protest and information events in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and Mettingen.… see more also on homepage www.automotiveworkers.org/de German site). It is important now that solidarity is developed: Resolved declarations from as many companies as possible and solidarity actions. Please send us statements and reports as soon as possible: info@iawc.info and icog@iawc.info The best thing is for tomorrow for the colleagues of Stuttgart. Best regards, KOG

Now the 30-hour week with full wage compensation - for nationwide, corporation-wide and regional actions and strikes!

Speaker group of the German coordination group of the IAC: At Daimler, OPEL, VW, Bosch, MAN, Conti, ... - the executive boards of the car companies and suppliers destroy jobs and close plants. The workforces form up to resist and take to the streets. "Our management has failed, now in the crisis they are shifting all the burdens on us, they must live up to their responsibility", such voices can be heard during the fighting. However, the managers only have responsibility for the capital. The mood is combative: "We will not give up, we will fight for our jobs with all our might until the end!” Cross-location solidarity is successfully developed in many companies, even if little is reported in the media: At Conti, Bosch, ZF, Mahle etc. - this strengthens the union of the workers. Mass protests are the right answer.

Iran: Continual protests and demands by the workers of the Vahed Bus company to start activating classifications of jobs in the company

Documented from Alternative Workers News-Iran 1 October 2020: Modification of job classification package that results in wage increase for workers in the Tehran Bus company is to be started. The latest measures in this area took place in 2006, after a widespread struggle by the workers. Based on the company regulations, categorization is supposed to take place every 5 years, but concerns by the authority regarding the increase in wages has prohibited them from undertaking it on time. Workers in Vahed Company along with workers in Haft Tappeh have powerfully fought this issue and now adjustment is taking place.

Letter of solidarity to the striking automotive workers in Belarus

Dear colleagues, For several days you have been on strike together with the miners and workers of other industries. You are leading a courageous political struggle for democratic rights against the Lukashenko regime and an improvement of your whole living conditions. We show solidarity with your strike for more democracy, for the release of political prisoners, for transparent elections and against the massive suppression of the broad protest and peoples movement in Belarus.

Report of a representative of International Automotive Workers Coordination from India on current situation and development amid Covid-19 pandemic

Dear comrades. We all are known that COVID-19 pandemic is spread in all over the world. Every person is under the pressure of health care and pandemic threat. As WHO announced that covid 19 is a uncontrollable pandemic and there is no any on vaccine or medicine is available now; so personal care and social distance with mask is a way to avoid the infraction of this pandemic. When covid-19 is starting to spread in India; the central government and state government announced countrywide lockdown from 23 March 2020. Due to which all the general movement and treading is stopped as it is. All the big industries and small scale industries also locked down in India.

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