Update on Strike at Honda Manesar India

Letter of President of Honda Motor Cycle and Scooter

29 November 2019

Dear Sir


First of all, we all Honda Employee Union HMSI (Manesar- 1st Factory India) thankful to "International Automotive Workers Coordination" for encourage us and motivate us for our struggling. Special thanks to Mr Dieter Schweizer (Germany) of you team to gave us his valuable time at our company.  We all are glad to know that worker of all around the world are on same platform and our eyes all around the world on worker unity. 


We want share some condition of Honda, Manesar, India Plant condition.  Today is our 25th day of struggling. Company called all permanent employee approx 1900 in company, but all contractual approx 2500 worker is now out of company. also on 22nd, Nov, Honda Manesar, Plant suspend 6 Union person including Union President and Gen Secretary. 



• Management trying to create fear and forcing worker to work more than their capacity and trying to minimize manpower

 • Worker union is protesting against the dictatorship attitude. 

• We think time has been come to work together and we should share our issue on world level platform.




Honda Union

President:- Suresh Gaur


20191121_170905 Honda picketline ICOG Dieter and union president.jpg

(on the left Dieter Schweizer of ICOG, on the right Suresh Gaur)

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