Statement of solidarity with Workers of Volkswagen Plant in Palmela (Portugal)

On behalf of the IP (Inicjatywa Pracownicza - the Workers' Initiative) Workplace Section at Volkswagen Poland, we would like to express our esteem, warm greetings and sincere solidarity with your strike against the enforced working weekends. Our section was established in August 2017 also in the face of extended working time in the Volkswagen factories in Poznań as well as passivity of the "Solidarność" union, which recently agreed on introducing the 17th shift (second shift on Saturdays).

Although "Solidarność" has been present in Volkswagen for many years, it is trying to silence workers' discontent and does not protest against extending work time and the work norms. IP in Volkswagen was established in order to express workers' discontent with current situation in the company.

Our section belongs to IP ( - countrywide union gathering workers of different professions and branches. The union is independent from political parties and employers and it consequently represents the interests of labour against the pressure of state and private capital.

From the very beginning of our activity, we need to face repressions from the employers. Three persons, who criticised the "Solidarność" policy and the work conditions in the company got fired for "violating the good reputation of the company and its employees". We are currently struggling for bringing them back to work - in court, through protests and making pressure on the executive. Establishing of our union forced "Solidarność" to bring more radical claims in terms of salaries and the plans for introducing the 18th shift.

We hope to establish a cooperation and exchange our action based experiences. We also declare full solidarity with the struggle you are currently leading in Portugal.
With our Union Regards,
IP Workplace Section at Volkswagen Pola

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