Solidarity with workers in the plastics industry South Africa and their union NUMSA!

we send you and the union NUMSA solidarity and militant greetings for your unlimited strike and wish you the best of success! It is very important that you reject this precedent for attacks on the working class of South Africa by exploiting the so-called "minimum wage law" of the ANC government.

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We strongly protest against the criminalization of your justified struggle. The monopolies may unilaterally cut wages in half (from 40 to 20 rand), increase working hours unpaid and order different payment - but the struggle is to be banned as illegal!
The attacks on you and the suppression of trade union rights also go hand in hand with attacks by
the corporations and their dependent governments against us automotive workers in all corporations
and countries. Their competition is intensified by the penetration of new companies, especially from
China, and by the impending switch to electric mobility. But this is also being countered by a growing workers unity: Hundreds of thousands of automotive workers around the world are fighting for trade union rights, such as the Maruti Suzuki workers in India, against dismissals and closures of locations, such as at Ssangyong in South Korea or at GM, Opel and PSA in Germany, Brazil and France, and many more.
In order to fight successfully, we must overcome division and blackmail. The 1st International Automotive Workers' Conference 2015 in Sindelfingen took a significant step in this direction:
Delegations from 18 countries founded the International Automotive Workers' Coordination1. We are
exchanging experiences, making up contacts systematically in more and more plants, working ever
closer together, coordinating struggles and solidarity across corporations and countries. We call
upon you as NUMSA to support this worldwide forming of an alliance of militant automotive and
supplier workers, to go shares with your significant experiences and to participate in the 2nd
International Automotive Workers' Conference in February 2020, which we will hold at your site in
South Africa!
Together we will create a superior power against the corporations - Long live international solidarity!

Carlos Luiz Prates Mancha (Brazil), Diego Rejon Bayo (Spain), Joern Kleffel (Germany) -

 Coordinators of ICOG


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