Solidarity with the workers at GM

6th December 2018

Dear colleagues,

The coordinating group of the International Automotive Workers Coordination, which met in Gelsenkirchen, Germany to prepare the 2nd Automotive Workers' Conference in South Africa in 2020, declares its protest against the plans GM has announced to shut down factories and conduct layoffs in the entire world.

We declare our support for all GM workers and for the GM workers at Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil who are demanding a reply from the company and have taken militant action in this movement.

We do not agree with plant shutdowns and layoffs!

Struggle for each and every job!

For shortening working hours to a 30-hour workweek with full wage compensation and for the lowering of retirement age!

International solidarity is very important and is our weapon against the attacks of the international monopolies.

We call upon all organizations to support the workers, to declare their solidarity and to join this struggle to defend our jobs and rights.

Carlos Luiz Prates Mancha (Brazil), Diego Rejon Bayo (Spain), Joern Kleffel (Germany)