Solidarity with the fight of the 149 colleagues for their reinstatement, LEAR - South Afrika

Dear colleagues,

We, Daimler colleagues from the Sindelfingen plant, declare our unrestricted solidarity with the Lear workforce. We call for the reinstatement of the 149 Members.

And that your fight for legitimate demands will be successful. On May 1, millions of people worldwide will take to the streets and demonstrate. Also we in Sindelfingen, and will be with you with our hearts.

We are not only members of IGM Germany, but also active in the International Automobile Workers Conference. From 19 to 23 February 2020 the 2nd International Automobile Workers Conference will take place in Johannesburg.

We come to you, you come too! Solidary we reach out our hands to you !

Klaus-Jürgen Hampejs,

press spokesman
International Automotive Worker Coordination Sindelfingen

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