Solidarity message of ICOG to the workers of tyre factory of Continental in Rubí (Barcelona, Catalonia)

The International Coordination of Automotive Workers supports the struggle of the workforce of the Continental tire factory in Rubí (Barcelona, Catalonia). They are fighting against the threat of sale of this factory or even its closure.  760 families are demanding the remain of their jobs against a plan of the multinational that could affect more than 5000 workers around the world.

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In the Draft of the Program of Struggle for the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference, to be held in South Africa from February 19-23, we demand the 30-hour week without wage reduction, the decrease of the retirement age and other measures for the distribution of wealth that prevent measures against the working class.


We therefore demand that the management of Continental immediately withdraw its decisions on the elimination of jobs in the world. And in particular, the withdrawal of the ERE (redundancy program) at the Rubi factory and the implementation of measures to reduce working hours so that all the people of Continental can keep their jobs and share the wealth.


We believe in International Solidarity and call upon all members of the International Automotive Workers Conference to support this just struggle with letters of support for the workforce and rejection of Continental's decisions.


Address of solidarity: Mª Carmen Vilà

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With solidarity greetings


Carlos Luiz Prates Mancha (Brazil), Diego Rejon Bayo (Spain), Dieter Schweizer (Germany)

Coordinators of ICOG


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