Solidarity for the workers in the Moto-Industry of South Africa

On the 29th of September, the last day for negotiations between NUMSA and the Moto-Industry (i.e. suppliers, garages, car dealership and fitment workshops), we workers at Lear – like all the other suppliers - are starting picketing as the employers have rejected all our demands.

That means that we will all go out in front of the gates during lunch time presenting all our demands on posters to the management.

A new law has just been passed that makes a secret ballot mandatory before a strike can take place. But we are convinced that we will overcome this obstacle.

After that we are ready to go on strike at any time if the management does not move.

The offer from the employers is 5% for 3 years, while our demand is 15% for one year.

So far no settlement has been reached.

The average wage now at the suppliers is 28 Rand/hour (1,69 €)


Send solidarity messages to

Lear Shop Stewards via

NUMSA East London

Ellijah Madwara

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