Registration Form for members of international brigades to prepare and conduct the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference 19 - 23 February 2020 in South Africa

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For registration please fill out the form and send in to:


The registrations will be handled by a registration team and you will receive a confirmation and response to your requests.



Brigadist/helper (country/city/No.):______________________________________________


male/female/diverse: participation at the conference yes/no


Organization/Trade Union:______________________________________________________


Proposal for assignment as international brigadist in period from_________ to ___________ or flexibly in the period from_________ to__________.


Duration of possible assignment in total: __________ weeks


Special knowledge and skills: __________________________________________________


Special wishes for activities and field of assignment as international brigadist/helper:_________________________________


Special features (health, allergies, work capacity): __________________________________



Is self-financing possible or with support in your country, organization, trade union?:



Further requests to registration team and ICOG:



Thank you very much for your offer and support and see you soon in South Africa at the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference.

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