Together against imperialist wars and global environmental destruction, against the dismantling of democratic rights and the destruction of jobs!

April 18, 2024: Corrected edition: Call of the International Coordination Group for April 28 and May 1, 2024: Dear colleagues, The first of May is traditionally our common international day of struggle! Let's use this day to actively represent our demands in the factories and take them to the streets. Let's strengthen the international unity of workers across countries and companies! Let us also focus on the vision of a world without exploitation and oppression.

March 8 - International Women's Day: Active for women's liberation

March 3, 2024: Five months of bombardment of the Gaza Strip by Israel and two years of war in Ukraine mean endless suffering for the population. Homes, infrastructure, the whole of nature is being destroyed because imperialist powers such as Russia, Israel, the US and other new imperialists want to expand their sphere of influence and their sources of profit at the cost of other imperialists and above all at the cost of the people. More than 30,000 people have already been killed in Gaza, about 70 percent of them women and children. All respect to the women in Gaza, Iran, Poland, Argentina and many other countries who, despite the particular oppression, do not allow themselves to be discouraged and confidently take a stand against sexism, violence against women and discrimination. Women are at the forefront of the fight against a rightward development and fascism.

Third International Automotive Workers' Conference will be held in India at the end of November 2025

1 March 2024: Dear colleagues, at the 6th online meeting on January 28, 2024, the International Coordination Group (ICOG) unanimously accepted the application of trade union federations from India to hold the Third International Automotive Workers' Conference (3rd IAC) in India. The exact location will be determined by the end of June 2024. We look forward to your active support, global mobilization and participation of delegations from all over the world. ICOG is focusing its work on the preparation of the 3rd IAC. This conference is self-organized and financially independent. A call for donations and sponsors will be distributed.

Touch one – touch all! Call of the ICOG for active solidarity with the strike of the UAW in the USA

10 October 2023: Dear Colleagues, Despite a widespread media boycott, the already 4-week strike of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union against the "Big Three" (GM, Ford, Stellantis) has attracted worldwide attention. The list of international expressions of solidarity is long and an important trump card in the "historic strike". There are already 25,000 colleagues in the "Stand Up" strike. Thousands more are ready to fight. The UAW and its members have prepared for a long labor struggle. The strikers' will to fight and their self-confidence are high. A large majority in the USA is still behind them. The bosses of the international auto monopolies of the "Big Three" also know this. Meekly, they have already announced individual concessions to the workers and their union. We call on them to fulfill the justified demands of the UAW comprehensively and immediately. Workers will not be satisfied with crumbs.

International workers' unity against the danger of world war, environmental destruction and the shifting of the burden of war and crisis onto our backs!

Call of the International Coordination Group for April 28 and May 1, 2023: 18 April 2023: Dear colleagues, Let us make May Day our common international day of struggle! After the beginning of the imperialist war in Ukraine more than a year ago, the danger of a nuclear Third World War has grown at an accelerated pace. Putin is openly threatening to use nuclear weapons. Ukraine is being massively armed by the USA/EU/NATO. Parts of the international car companies and their suppliers have already become profiteers of the war. In Russia, any resistance to the war is suppressed. Trade union leaders in Belarus who declared their opposition to the war have been sentenced to prison. We demand their immediate release and declare our full solidarity with them.

Call for March 8, 2023: Together for woman's liberation !

March 1, 2023: "Women and girls of the world! Our time has come!" reads the final resolution of the 3rd International World Women’s Conference of Grassroots Women in Tunis in September 2022, which was also attended by a delegation of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination. Women do not want to be victims, but actors. In Iran, despite the greatest repression by the Mullah regime, many women and men are courageously standing up for democracy and freedom.

12 November 2022: International Day of Environmental Struggle: Workers and Environmental Movement together against the destruction of the environment by capitalist greed for profit and the consequences of imperialist war

3 November: The International Coordination Group is deeply concerned about the accelerating destruction of the environment and the natural resources of humanity. Destruction of the earth's basic resources, such as deforestation of the Amazon jungles, global warming with the consequences of droughts and floods, rising levels of the world's oceans, rapid loss of biodiversity and outbreaks of pandemics have already cost thousands of lives. Millions of people are losing their livelihoods and becoming environmental refugees.

1st of September 2022: International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War - International unity of workers - active for world peace

20 August 2022: With the Ukraine war the danger of a 3rd world war has enormously intensified. In Europe, the military alliance NATO and Russia, the leading nuclear powers (about 6,000 nuclear warheads each!) are bitterly confronting each other in this unjust imperialist war. On August 6, the day the first nuclear bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945, tens of thousands took to the streets this year in many countries against the threat of nuclear war. The worldwide expansion of nuclear power plants despite the last catastrophic experience in Fukushima serves not least the military nuclear armament.

Internationally United - Workers of Corporate Group All Together - One Struggle!

5 July 2022: Dear colleagues, on Wednesday, June 29, the workforce of the EVO bus plant (subsidiary of Daimler Truck) in Mannheim in Germany went up from 1:30 p.m on independent strike against the announcement to relocate the body shop to the Czech Republic. This was announced exactly on the day when the car/van plants of Daimler, which have been spun off since November 2021, were lulled into alleged security with new alleged "assurances for the future". There you can clearly see what the separation aimed at and always aims at.


Call of the International Coordination Group for April 28 and May 1, 2022: 5 April 2022: Dear colleagues, We call upon all auto workers, their families and fellow workers: Come out on May 1, the International Day of Struggle of the Working Class! This year let us show with powerful demonstrations and strikes in all countries that we resolutely condemn imperialist wars and actively commit ourselves to world peace.

ICOG statement on imperialist aggression in Ukraine and the threat of world war

28 February 2022: We think of the suffering of the millions of people in Ukraine. Our sympathy goes out to them. We stand by the side of our colleagues in Ukraine and Russia. In particular, we stand in solidarity with the courageous peace activists in Russia and with the resistance of the Ukrainian people, rising up against the occupation. We greet the participants from these countries, which were at our 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference 2020. The International Automotive Workers' Coordination condemns Russia's imperialist attack on Ukraine. Immediate stop of the bombardments! Russian troops out of Ukraine!

Third ICOG online meeting passed important forward-looking resolutions

20 February 2020: Dear colleagues, The 3rd Online Video Meeting of the International Coordination Group (ICOG) took place successfully in January. Important resolutions for further work were discussed and adopted. Key issues in the discussion were the impact of the Corona pandemic, the development of international coordination work and the need to improve cooperation with the elected international corporate coordinators of International Automotive Workers' Coordination.

ICOG Information Letter

Millions around the world took to the streets again this year on May Day, the International Day of Struggle of the Working Class, for their legitimate demands - despite restricted conditions in the Corona pandemic! The call and poster of International Coordinating Group (ICOG) "Fight for Health Protection, Jobs and Democratic Rights!" was the result of our successful online ICOG meeting at the end of March 2021 and was distributed in 5 languages.

Founding Resolution of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination 2015

We automotive workers assume responsibility for our future! After 17 years of fruitful cooperation we can say very proudly today: the time is ripe for the founding of an “International Automotive Workers' Coordination”. We need this worldwide association of workers of the automotive and supplier industry and its close ties with our families and supporters.

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