Motion of Solidarity to our Colleagues at Volkswagen Autoeuropa Palmela/Portugal

January 30, 2018 - Dear colleagues, your ballot votes in August and November 2017 against regular work on Saturday and Sunday obviously indicated your strong determination. On August 30, 2017, many workers of VW corporation and from all around the globe had watched respectfully your powerfull 24-hours-strike. This was a very important step to oppose plans of VW corporation.


Extension to regular work on weekend, same time demanding more flexible working hours, can not be accepted. In the result this would lead to a real worsening of conditions of work. State of health and normal family life would be attacked.


In November your ballot vote also rejected an alternative agreement to a regular work on 7 days a week by 24 hours in a continuos work, which your new workers commission approved after further negotiations with the management. Now you are preparing next strike days in February to express your resoluteness in strict refusal of such an agreement. We wish you much power and full success in your struggle. Again your strike will be get attention, support and solidarity.


International Automotive Workers Coordination made public your struggle and powerful strike. Not only workers and unionist at VW declared their solidarity. Many workers and union members all around the world noticed, that your struggle is also their struggle. All attempts of blackmailing and separating workers regarding different locations, brands or industrial sectors is directed to weaken the power of the workers. They are worsening entire work conditions. An affect is also the decrease on the level of wages. This is what workers have to reject globally. Our obligation as working class is to fight for a clear improvement of working conditions and higher wages. This is in the interest of all workers and their families as part of their struggle for a future in a life worth living.


Your and our strength is workers unity!

Long live international solidarity!


- International Automotive Workers Coordination -




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