Message of Solidarity to the Workers of the Lanxess Chromium Mine and the Community Mokhukhwini in Rustenburg/South Africa

Dear friends, we participants of the german preparatory meeting of the 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference in South Africa send you warm greetings of international solidarity!


We have learned from the German-South African Friendship Society „Marikana“ about your courageous struggle against dismissals, retrenchment of jobs and violations of labour security regulations and threats to your health. We are backing you all the way in this struggle and will make it public in Germany.


Our International Automotive Workers' Conference stands for international class solidarity and unity across national borders. We are very excited looking forward to the realisation of 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference 2020 in South Africa together with the battle-hardened working class of South Africa and workers from many countries around the world.


We are especially encouraged that the neighbourhood Mokhukhwini community has joined your protest and demands that the mining company will fulfil her promise to build houses. This joined forces beyond the mine is of great importance for the unity of workers and their families. Our life as workers is more than a good wage - we want to live with our families in dignity and a future for our children!


The fact that the Lanxess mining administration is now turning off electricity and water to punish the participation in the protest shows their very special brutality but also their fear of a spreading of the struggle. They want to break your unity and will to fight - you must not admit that!


Also in Germany and from our friends and colleagues in other countries we know the methods of threat, division and oppression by the ruling classes. They act strongly, in reality it is an expression of their weakness and their fear of the organized struggle of the workers.


We wish you for the future strength and success in your struggle!



Decided on October 27, 2018, at the national meeting of delegates of International Automotive Workers Coordination (IAWC) in Darmstadt (Germany) from 30 delegates (in all 67 participants) out of 15 locations of automotive industry

and board of German-South African Friendship Society „Marikana“


On behalf of the meeting of the delegates and presidency Tobias Knapp


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