International solidarity is assured - we support you in your just struggle for more pay!

To the struggling automobile workers in Turkey, Metalworkers' Union Birleşik Metal-Iş (German Coordination Group of the IAWC)

Dear colleagues,
we, automobile workers from Germany, have learned that you have been on strike for days on end at many automobile sites since 15 January. Instead of meeting the justified demands for higher wages in the collective bargaining, the Metal Industry Association (MESS) is putting you under massive pressure and threatening mass dismissals.
But rightly you do not let yourselves be intimidated and plan the next strike on 5 February.
We congratulate you on your courage and wish you every success!
In the face of high inflation, your struggle is absolutely necessary and a strong fighting working class has often been the engine of progress, especially under difficult political conditions of extreme oppression.
In order to unite the workers more closely, also internationally, and to advise us and to really coordinate the coming struggles in the automobile industry, automotive colleagues from 20 countries and almost all corporations will meet for the 2nd International Automobile Workers Conference from February 19 to 23 in Johannesburg / South Africa. It would be great if you could also send a delegation to this conference to bring in your experiences - the solidary support of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination is assured!
We will support your struggle to the best of our ability, make it known internationally and we hope that you will be able to send a delegation to our conference at such short notice.

Solidary greetings from Germany, good luck for your further struggle,
Michael Weidner
on behalf of the German Coordination Group

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