Information Letter No 11: In a few days 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference begins

Dear friends! The count down is running and there is (mostly) very good news: Well over 200 participants from 18 countries have registered for the conference in Vereeniging, not counting the participants from South Africa.

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Then the big sigh of relief: On 30 January the final approval from police and authorities arrived. This was preceded by a huge fight, also with a lot of bureaucracy, because there are many new requirements for events. Congratulations and many thanks to our South African friends and international brigadists who, with great time and effort, fulfilled countless requirements and obtained the permit. The sad flip side: everything will be more expensive than expected. For example, we were obliged to use paid security staff, a contract with a catering company and transport company, water supply, etc. In addition, the translation equipment is very expensive. We had not originally expected this.


Therefore the ICOG is calling for further donations for the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference. Please transfer to the donations account:

Erwin Dietrich IBAN DE58 7001 0080 0349 3138 02 - BIC PBNKDEFFXXX


Shared and safe accommodation

The ICOG, supported by its registration and travel team, will organize suitable safe overnight accommodation for all participants at the beautiful SEMA River Lodge. There are (but only limited) double and quadruple rooms available, as well as even cheaper sleeping places in tents and containers. WiFi is available there. Due to frequent power failures it is recommended to bring power banks and a flashlight.


Arrival and departure

A shuttle service will be organized from Johannesburg airport to the conference venue (approx. 80 km south of Johannesburg) and accommodation. The driver of the lodge will be waiting in the reception hall of the airport with a sign: ICOG SEMA-Lodge. The costs for a trip to the lodge (54 Euro) are shared by the respective group. It is also possible that you will have to wait at the airport for some time (up to hours) until the car is full.

Please note: Payment for accommodation and transport will be made by our teams. Bring the money in cash, preferably in Rand, when you check in.

A transfer during the night does not take place for security reasons. If you arrive in the evening, you have to stay in a hotel near the airport and will be picked up at the airport the next day. Please register all of you at . Please forward your exact time of arrival at the airport with your flight number and your return flight details.



February is summer/late summer in South Africa. The sun is high, the twilight is short and it becomes night at 7 pm. We expect 25 degrees Celsius during the day. So take light clothes, make sure you have sun protection and caps. We strongly recommend to bring mosquito repellent.


Change currency and money

The currency is South African Rand (ZAR). The exchange rate is about 16 Rand = 1 EUR. Because of security reasons you should not withdraw money at every cash machine, it is recommended to change money at the airport with a credit card, VISA or Mastercard.


Emergency number: International: 0027 60 7155 524 from South Africa: 060 7155 524


Have fun with your further travel preparations. If you have specific questions, please contact the registration and travel team at

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