IAC Speaker VW, Peter - Dear Friends of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination,

as you may already know, our colleagues from VW in Nelson Mandela Bay/South Africa went on strike independently on Friday July 17th 2020. They fought for their health and the observance of necessary corona protection measures. Superiors wanted to call colleagues to work who were still waiting for their corona test results and thus unscrupulously risked a mass infection in the workforce in order to increase profits.

We made the mistake of not writing to you right away because we only learned about the strike a few days later and thought that was settled. This is of course nonsense! We know from many reports that capitalists are constantly trying to undermine the Corona protection in order to have an advantage over the competition.

This week reports reached us, that 14 shop stewards were suspended to oppress our colleagues struggle for their health. We read in an article on www.industriall-union.org that Volkswagen deducts the sick days from paid leave. Reasoning: The colleagues would have gotten the disease in their leisure time. Irvin Jim, general secretary of NUMSA says the number of infections exploded after reopening the production. They work side by side, just like before the pandemic.

Our South African colleagues continue to appreciate your solidarity. Did you perhaps even publicise the strike in your factory? Then write what your colleagues say about it!
Please write us back and to our common homepage www.iawc.info.

Combative greetings from your VW spokesmen!

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