Honda Motor Cycle in Manesar, India: Strike against the dismissal of 1500 contractual workers continues!

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After 15 days of plant occupation, production is still stopped. After court order the 1865 colleagues with regulare contracts strike together with the 1500 dismissed contractual workers for their reinstatement. With the obligation to form a picket 200 metres from the factory gate, up to 1000 colleagues gather there every day and loudly chant their demands. They receive solidarity from many workers and trade unions in the region, such as the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union from the immediate neighbourhood. The words of solidarity and greetings from a representative of the International Automotive Workers Coordination were overwhelmingly received by the 800 strikers outside the gate. Among other things, the statement "Your fight is our fight, too" was received with thunderous applause and hundreds of slogans. Whoever fights gets solidarity. The International Automotive Workers Coordination calls upon to back up the strikers.


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