2nd International Automotive Workers Conference 2020

3rd conference day Feb. 21 2020: Joint consultation - demonstration in the city - press reports

The 2nd day of the IAC on Thursday ended in time after the conclusion of the thematic forums. Like the overall atmosphere of the conference, the style of cohesion and collegiality characterizes the entire course of the event. And more and more new participants are joining in. Participants from East London/South Africa were welcomed with great joy, the South African colleagues proudly dressed in colourful clothes.


The first objective of the 2nd IAWC is the realization of an effective coordination of the struggles of automotive workers. International workers unity is important to oppose the greed of the highly organized multinational corporations. The global distribution of this international program of struggle, its discussion in the run-up and its approval at the IAWC and the conducting of International Automotive Workers Conferences will serve this purpose. We work on the basis of its decisions and organizational principles.

Information Letter of ICOG No. 10

2nd International Automotive Workers Conference in South Africa Register now in the final spurt in preparation! We are looking forward to the 2nd International Automobile Workers Conference (2.IAC), to which delegations and guests from many countries of the world are expected in 6 weeks from February 19 to 23, 2020 in the city hall of Vereeniging (80 km south of Johannesburg).

Declaration of solidarity to the Sitech-Collegues in Hanover and Wolfsburg from South Africa

Dear colleagues, We have learned, that the Sitech-company wants to destroy 270 jobs in Hanover and 34 in Wolfsburg. Their intention is to increase their profit by outsourcing your seat production. This is part of VW's strategy to dump the consequences of the crisis on your back. We remember well, that two years ago, also at Christmas and the turn of the year 2017 to 2018, there was a fierce battle against the dismissal of 200 temporary workers in Hanover and Wolfsburg.

Solidarity Message to NUMSA Motor

Dear colleagues, In the difficult collective bargaining in the automobile industry and the long struggle for a collective bargaining result, the workforces were always close to the strike. Now you are in a hard fight for your justified demands. In the face of a possible strike to enforce your demands we would like to send you our warmest solidarity greetings and give you our support.

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