Colleagues of Nissan Barcelona,

we automobiles from Daimler Sindelfingen express our full solidarity with you in the fight for the preservation of jobs. We are IG Metaller and united in the IAC International Automotive Workers Coordination.

We have now learned about the strike on Friday 27.5.2021.

For years, we have been bound together in the fight for jobs, health protection, protection of the natural environment and for a future without exploitation and oppression.  They are the same group board members as Daimler Källenius who want to barter away plants, carry out mass redundancies and cost us wages and income. Capitalist greed for profit is their driving force.

Let us fight together, worldwide and in solidarity. We are at your side.

For the 30 hour week with full wage compensation - from Monday to Friday!


Spokesman - Internationale Automobilarbeiterkoordination Sindelfingen

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