Call upon day of strike on global climate on 20 / 27-9-2019 - International Coordinating Group

For the International Automotive Workers Coordination the struggle to save the environment is a central concern.

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We only have this planet. It should not be destroyed for the profits of international companies. These are the same corporations that for their competition are destroying our jobs, increasing exploitation and expanding outsourcing and temporary work, and destroying the environment.

Therefore the struggle for jobs and protection of the environment belongs together.

We Automotive workers can also use our training and experience for the manufacturing of vehicles without internal combustion engines or for public transport.

That is why we oppose the exploitation of workers and demand effective actions from all governments for the protection of the environment.

The demand of the Fridays-For-Future-Movement is fundamental: "System change, not climate change!!" Our founding resolution says: „We want a fulfilled, dignified and healthy life for all people in harmony with nature – a society without exploitationand oppression, because another world is possible. That is our vision, for which we are fighting across borders, and we will overcome all obstacles with perseverance and resoluteness.“

At the 2nd International Conference of Automotive Workers, to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 19 to 23 February 2020, we will adopt our struggle programme, where the struggle to preserve the environment plays a important role.

Support the preparation of the International Automotive Workers Conference, participate and donate for the travel expenses of participants from countries with lower pay levels.

Automotive Workers strive for a better future for all.

Automotive Workers For Future!

Carlos Luiz Prates Mancha (Brazil), Diego Rejon Bayo (Spain), Dieter Schweizer (Germany)

Coordinators of ICOG

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