Automotive Workers in India are preparing for the 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference with commitment

At the end of December, workers and trade union representatives from all over India will meet at the Pune Industrial Centre to prepare for the 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference.

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They will discuss the draft of the International Program of Struggle and elect delegates. Colleagues from Bajaj (major tricycle manufacturer in Asia), Honda, VW, GM, Bosch, Denso, Marcopolo (4th largest bus body manufacturer in the world) and many others have agreed. Of great importance is the great interest shown by colleagues from the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union. They have been fighting together in the region around Manesar and Gurgaon (both near New Delhi) for 7 years for the release of their 13 union leaders sentenced to life imprisonment and for the reinstatement of 500 colleagues dismissed in 2012. The International Automotive Workers Coordination carried out a solidarity campaign with their struggle in 2017. In Germany alone, donations of 1215 euros were collected for the workers and their families.


Dieter Schweizer from the International Coordination Group of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination met with great interest and overwhelming hospitality and solidarity. After numerous reports, he was able to ascertain that trade union work in many companies in India was strengthening and that cooperation across companies and sectors had grown. The Maruti Suzuki trade union, for example, is a strong representative of the 10,000 workers who now work there. With 5 affiliated companies, they have formed a federation and won equal collective agreements. They have been able to quadruple wages since 2012 and are fighting for the takeover of temporary workers and colleagues from training status for permanent employment. On 22 November, there was a joint protest demonstration for the reinstatement of contractual workers in Gurgaon. There is a great desire for international cooperation, although many still lack a concrete connection to the (corporate) workforces in other countries. The 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference will serve this purpose, as will the development of cooperation via the International Automotive Workers Coordination.


We are looking forward to lively first-hand reports from India and will continue to build and consolidate our cooperation internationally in the fight.

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