Together against imperialist wars and global environmental destruction, against the dismantling of democratic rights and the destruction of jobs!

April 18, 2024: Corrected edition: Call of the International Coordination Group for April 28 and May 1, 2024: Dear colleagues, The first of May is traditionally our common international day of struggle! Let's use this day to actively represent our demands in the factories and take them to the streets. Let's strengthen the international unity of workers across countries and companies! Let us also focus on the vision of a world without exploitation and oppression.

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Automotive workers active for world peace!

Following Russia's attack the war in Ukraine has been raging for over two years. Both Ukrainian and Russian workers and their families are suffering greatly, with hundreds of thousands of dead and injured. Entire cities and regions have been devastated and poisoned. International armament companies are making huge profits, including the automotive and supplier industries.

Tens of millions around the world are fleeing war, oppression and persecution and the serious effects of the climate catastrophe.

Over 30,000 people have already been victims of the Gaza war. The Palestinian population is being bombed and starved by Israel. This is outright genocide. Iran's attacks from Israel are provoking a destructive war in the Middle East.

We say "No" to all imperialist wars and oppose the growing threat of world war. "Workers don't shoot at workers". Transport and dock workers in Greece and Italy refused to load armaments, just right!

For the preservation of the natural environment!

The global destruction of the natural foundations of human life is progressing in leaps and bounds. Droughts and massive flooding have already become part of everyday life. The growing number of motor vehicles and traffic worldwide is a major driver of the global environmental catastrophe. Yet the international car companies paint a picture as if electromobility alone were the solution, regardless of the ruthless exploitation of raw materials such as lithium or rare earths. This is "greenwashing" with the aim of selling even more and larger trucks and SUVs instead of expanding the public transportation system and shifting freight transport to rail and waterways. Right-wing climate deniers, on the other hand, protect the car companies and want to divide the labor and environmental movement.

The International Automotive Workers' Coordination is calling for active participation in the Environmental Strategy Conference in Berlin on April 20/21. We need environmentally friendly mobility and are open to a social alternative.

Internationally, the competition between car and supplier monopolies is intensifying. Chinese car monopolies are taking market share from traditional producers. The transition to electromobility and digitalization has led to a veritable battle of destruction, with plant closures and job losses at GM, Stellantis, Ford, Bosch, ZF, Continental and others.

Resistance to this is developing worldwide. The 6-week strike by the UAW in the USA at the end of 2023 sent a clear signal that automotive workers will not subordinate themselves to profit interests. Building on this, strong trade unions are being fought for in other car plants in the USA. International solidarity is a trump card!

The 3rd International Automotive Workers' Conference will take place in India at the end of November 2025! Get involved and make this major highlight your cause!

Against the destruction of jobs and for a 30-hour week or 6 hours a day with full pay compensation - worldwide!

For a full and legal right to strike in all matters!

Against the rightward development and fascization of governments!

We fight for a world free of imperialist wars, hunger and environmental destruction!

Long live international solidarity!


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