Solidarity with the strikes and protests against Tesla boss Elon Musk!

28 January 2024: We, the International Coordination Group of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination, declare our unwavering solidarity with you at our online meeting on January 28, 2024. Your persistent struggle for trade union rights and the recognition of trade unions fits in perfectly with the times. Your solidarity in Sweden and Scandinavia against Tesla strengthens the international labor movement. The cross-country alliance is the right response to the provocations of Elon Musk and the attacks of international finance capital.

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The corporations are reacting sensitively and are trying to keep the fight down. At Hydro Extension, 20 colleagues were dismissed for their involvement in the justified boycott of production for Tesla. They build the crash protection for Tesla in Grünheide in Germany. They must not be allowed to get away with this! We welcome the fact that you immediately gave them your full support in the fight for their reinstatement and for the observance of trade union rights.

In the US, the United Auto Workers (UAW) has taken up the fight for trade union rights and recognition at Tesla plants. They are relying on their fighting experience and success from their 40-day strike in September/October 2023.

Workers in other countries are also fighting for trade union and political rights. In India, they are fighting against stricter labor laws, in Brazil against the privatization of state-owned energy and transport companies and for the rights of indigenous peoples. In Russia and Ukraine, thousands of trade unionists are in detention as political prisoners. In Germany, IG Metall is fighting for trade union representation at Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin. It is remarkable how an anti-fascist mass movement has developed explosively in Germany.

The International Automotive Workers' Coordination sees its task as organizing the exchange of experience, the unification of common demands and the coordination of struggles in the automotive and supplier industry. We promote the struggle for a society without exploitation and oppression.

Please keep us informed and let us know how we can better develop solidarity with your legitimate struggle and strengthen cooperation.

(Decided by the 6th Online Meeting of the International Coordination Group of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination on January 28, 2024)

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