Your fight is our fight! Long live international solidarity!

Dear colleagues from General Motors, Ford and Stellantis! Dear colleagues of the UAW! There are also reports in Germany about your historic fight, the joint fight of your three workforces. We support your demands for 40% more wages over 4 years and the abolition of the staggered wage system. We protest decisively against the 4,000 dismissals of unorganized colleagues!

11,500 employees of various nationalities work in our factory. Together we produce 400 trucks a day. We also fought for higher wages last year and successfully prevailed against the entrepreneurs who only had peanuts left for us.

We automotive workers around the world are a powerful force when we fight organized and determined. The managers in the boardrooms are trying to divide us into first- and second-class workers, in different locations, in German and Eastern European, in European and American. But we workers must fight the same battles all over the world. We fight for better wages and working conditions, for good health care and affordable pensions and much more!

Even if we don't know each other (yet), we still feel connected to you! We expressly declare our solidarity and wish you continued success in your strike!

We will continue to make your strike known to us and organize solidarity!

We look forward to working more closely with you in the future!


With solidarity greetings

Vertrauenskörperleitung of the IG Metall Daimler Truck plant in Wörth

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