Solidarity Statement - to the striking workers in the USA at Ford, Stellantis and General Motors, to the UAW

21 October 2023: Dear colleagues, We send you a warm greeting of solidarity from Cologne/Germany. We already congratulate you on the joint strike of all three workforces against the "Big Three"! This is a big and important step - this is how you develop a strong fighting force. We heard that the first demands have already been successful. You are rightly fighting for higher wages against inflation, against division with low-wage groups and for a reduction in working hours with full wage compensation! The strike against plant closures must be possible so that we can fight effectively for our jobs.

All your demands are also important for us:
The Ford plant in Saarlouis/ Germany should be closed in 2025. The Ford plant in Cologne was supposed to build the electric car "Explorer" starting this year - with the postponement of the start, many of us see an imminent plant closure in Cologne as well. We are discussing necessary measures of struggle. Without union and independent strikes, the fight for every job is not possible.
At many car manufacturers such as VW, Daimler or the suppliers, the situation is no different: everywhere, the economic crisis and crisis is to be passed on to us workers and our families with the conversion to electric cars. If we unite our strength, we can be unbeatable.

Therefore, no struggle must remain alone!

We invite you to participate in the worldwide movement of the "International Automobile Workers Coordination", so that we can always inform each other immediately about the developments and struggles and solidarity is organized immediately.

We are behind you!

Hail to international solidarity - workers of all countries, unite!

Adopted by 100 participants at an event in Cologne on October 21 on the theme: "50th anniversary of the great Ford strike in Cologne in 1973 - what lessons do we draw for today?


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