Solidarity message to the strikers against Tesla in Sweden: Congratulations on your tenacious and encouraging strikes against Tesla to enforce collective agreements!

22 November 2023: Dear Colleagues, You have been extending your strikes for four weeks. The recipe for success is the cross-sectoral cooperation among nine unions so far. As a result, you have managed to block not only work in the workshops, the cleaning of offices, the delivery of components, letters and parcels, but also the loading of Tesla vehicles by port workers. That's right!

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Your solidarity is a role model for us. Although most of you have collective bargaining agreements yourselves, you are fighting to ensure that everyone has this right. It's a matter of principle. This is how Elon Musk senses who is dependent on whom. Nothing works without the workers.

That's why your strike sends a signal far beyond Sweden! Elon Musk must not be permitted to get away with his attempt to prevent unionization and collective bargaining agreements in his factories. As a multi-billionaire, he cleverly collects state money. He ruthlessly exploits the workers. His new plant near Berlin was only built in the water protection area in Grünheide against the opposition of environmentalists. As a result, the groundwater is extremely endangered. Last but not least, he is trying to influence people around the world in a reactionary ideological way by buying the Twitter news service (now X).

In Germany, more than 1,000 workers took part in a militant action organized by IG Metall at the Tesla plant on October 9. They demanded an improvement in working conditions. Shortly afterwards, they were warned of disciplinary measures, including dismissal without notice. This shows Elon Musk's true face: when the promises and lies are no longer believed, he reacts against the growing class consciousness with threats and violence.

With your strike, you are encouraging all workers to unite and fight against exploitation and for democratic and trade union rights.

We have joined forces in the International Automotive Workers' Coordination. This organizes the exchange of experiences and cooperation and coordinates the struggles. Our International Program of Struggle was adopted in February 2020 at the 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference in South Africa. It contains central demands: The fight for a 30-hour week with full wage compensation and for a full legal right to strike in all matters. We are committed to a social alternative without exploitation, wage systems and oppression instead of crisis chaos and imperialist wars.

We call on all automotive workers, including those at suppliers and in workshops, to join this movement.

We wish you perseverance and much success!

With solidarity greetings

International Coordination Group

of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination


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