Offensiv Opel Bochum - Solidarity with the strike of the UAW

10 October 2023: Dear colleagues of the UAW, we send you warm greetings of solidarity from the spare parts warehouse of Opel/Vauxhall (Stellantis) in Bochum (Germany), and we wish your courageous strike a full success! Not only your demands for a wage increase of 36 percent over four years and for a reduction of working hours with full wage compensation are completely justified in view of inflation and job destruction in the conversion to electric mobility. Your decision to push through these demands with a determined strike also deserves the unconditional support and solidarity of all workers!

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Let us never allow governments and corporate boards to divide us and play us off against each other with slogans such as “America first” or “Securing the future for German locations”.
Our strength as workers and trade unionists lies in international unity and in the common struggle for our class interests! In this sense we have also opened a fundraising for your practical support, because your struggle is also our struggle!

On behalf of OFFENSIV (Initiative for a militant trade union work at Opel in Bochum)
Steffen Reichelt (member of the IG Metall and the works council)
Oliver Wähnert (shop steward of IG Metall and substitute works council member)
Marco Gehrmann (shop steward of IG Metall and substitute works council member)


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