International Automotive Workers Coordination, Committee Ford Cologne, Germany - Declaration of solidarity to the colleagues of the UAW/USA

8 October 2023: IAC Committee "Workers Solidarity Cologne": Dear colleagues, we send you militant greetings for your strike. We are colleagues from Ford in Cologne, active trade unionists in the IG Metall and work in the International Automotive Workers Coordination ( This organization is committed to the international cooperation and coordination of the struggles of the automotive workers. No struggle should stand alone. This is a point of our struggle program, which we decided at the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference 2020 in South Africa. We urgently want contact and cooperation on this, especially with our Ford colleagues in the USA.

Your strike is exactly right in the situation where inflation is increasing worldwide and the war and crisis burdens are being passed on to the working masses. You have made important demands, such as the reduction of working hours with full wage compensation, the right to strike against factory closures and for wage increases against inflation and against low-wage groups. Your strike has historic significance to strike with all three corporate workforces of the "big three" in the US.
Here in Germany, Ford has eliminated over 6000 jobs since 2018 and more are on the horizon. The Saarlouis plant is scheduled to close or be sold in 2025. Here in Cologne, the planned e-model has been postponed for now until next June and we are not building any cars for 12 months! We are preparing for a hard fight, should our plant also be closed and Ford want to withdraw from Europe.
We are committed to making your struggle known, to organizing a joint strike day for the preservation of all jobs, for a wage supplement, for a reduction in working hours with full wage compensation, and for an all-round legal right to strike. We wish you continued strength and success for your strike!
For the international unity of workers
Fighting and solidarity greetings
Your colleagues from Ford Cologne (Germany)

Roger Stamm

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