Declaration of solidarity to UAW on strike from shop stewards of trade union IG-Metall of the final assembly area of a Siemens plant in Krefeld - Germany

13 October 2023: Dear colleagues at General Motors, Ford and Stellantis. With your joint strike you are an example for all of us and set an important sign how the struggle against corporations and capital has to be conducted today! We congratulate explicitly and declare our solidarity.

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It cannot be that well-trained specialists are dismissed just because the cars run on electricity. Here we manufacture trains for local and long-distance transport; I'm sure you can too!

That would promote the expansion of public transport and protect the environment!


Your demands of 40% wage increase over four years, abolition of the tiered wage system, introduction of the 32 hour week with full wage compensation, etc. are fully justified - we need that too!

We also have to struggle with high price increases and real wage losses, we need a wage supplement as well!

The right to strike we also need; universally and legally anchored!


Well prepared, you have been on strike for several weeks and want to fight through your demands!

We shop stewards will inform our colleagues and organize further solidarity!



Solidarity greetings from our final assembly area of a Siemens factory in Krefeld


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