After 13 days on strike General Motors announces the cancellation of all layoffs in Brazil

5 November 2023: Documented from Website CSP Conlutas: With a great victory for auto workers' strike, General Motors announced, this Saturday (4), the cancellation of 1,245 layoffs at the three plants in Brazil (São José dos Campos city, São Caetano do Sul city and Mogi das Cruzes city). The announcement comes one day after the Supreme Labor Court rejected the automaker's request for an injunction to maintain the layoffs.

The company stated that it will hold a meeting, on Monday afternoon (6), with the three unions and that it is carrying out the internal procedures to cancel the layoffs.

“The resumption of jobs is a historic victory, the result of the strong struggle of workers in the three cities. There were 13 days on strike and a lot of unity in defense of jobs. We show the strength of our unions”, says the vice-president of the Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos, Valmir Mariano.



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