Correspondence from UAW Strike and Solidarity Message from Mexico

20 September 2023: Correspondence: Thank you, most sincerely, for your message of Solidarity with our historic strike against The Big Three. ... I am ... participating in the strike here in Toledo, Ohio at the Stellantis Jeep factory. After 46 years as a Jeep worker, I am participating in the first official strike at Jeep. The last official strike took place in 1972. We have strong public support with about 75% of the American people supporting our struggle. We will win.

Right now the next wave of strike shut-downs to Big Three factories will be made on Friday, September 22nd, if there is no favorable movement by these companies at the negotiations.

When the workers walked out of the Jeep factory in Toledo, (midnight on September 15th) the company (Stellantis) failed to strip-out all of the painted Jeeps from one of the two paint shops. This means the dip tanks of phosphate and e-coat would have to be drained at the JL Paint Shop. This is a loss of about a half-a-million US Dollars. This was the result of one Boss (name unknown) who refused to obey the order to strip-out the cars because he wanted to increase production (to win favorable consideration for a promotion) since he incorrectly assumed the Jeep factory would not suffer a strike. ...

We have broad public support for our strike. About 75% of the American people support the UAW strike. The Governors of the States of Michigan and Pennsylvania openly side with out union.  This is unprecedented.



Solidarity Message from Mexico to UAW

Desde Mexico, Puebla, abrazamos su digna rabia de lucha y estamos pendientes de cualquier reaccion.

Fuerza y Solidaridad.

Oma Abrego Coordinadora Sindical Poblana.


From Mexico, Puebla, we embrace your dignified rage of struggle and we are awaiting any reaction.

Strength and Solidarity

Oma Abrego Coordinadora Sindical Poblana.



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