Solidarity Message to the colleagues on strike at VDL Nedcar Born in the Netherlands

7 May 2023: Dear colleagues We have learned that you are going on strike at VDL Nedcar plant Born in the Netherlands, because 3800 jobs are threatened. We congratulate you on this decision and declare our full solidarity for the planned 48 hours strike starting on Monday May 8.

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Fight for every job` is the right response to attacks by capital, according to the experience of the labor movement worldwide. In our International Program of Struggle we have set as a crucial demand the “30-hour week with full wage compensation”.

We will propagate your struggle according to our possibilities, have already posted it on our website and support you in solidarity.

"Who fights can lose, who does not fight has already lost". In this sense we wish you much success, strength and send you our warmest solidarity greetings.

Long live International Solidarity!


Online video meeting of International Coordinating Group of International Automotive Workers Coordination on Sunday 7 May 2023, with participants from India, Germany, Philippines, South Africa

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