International workers' unity against the danger of world war, environmental destruction and the shifting of the burden of war and crisis onto our backs!

Call of the International Coordination Group for April 28 and May 1, 2023: 18 April 2023: Dear colleagues, Let us make May Day our common international day of struggle! After the beginning of the imperialist war in Ukraine more than a year ago, the danger of a nuclear Third World War has grown at an accelerated pace. Putin is openly threatening to use nuclear weapons. Ukraine is being massively armed by the USA/EU/NATO. Parts of the international car companies and their suppliers have already become profiteers of the war. In Russia, any resistance to the war is suppressed. Trade union leaders in Belarus who declared their opposition to the war have been sentenced to prison. We demand their immediate release and declare our full solidarity with them.

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The worldwide destruction of the environment has reached the quality of a global environmental catastrophe. Both existentially threaten the foundations of humanity. The Amazon rainforest in Brazil, a huge reservoir for carbon dioxide, now emits more CO² than it absorbs. The permafrost is thawing. The polar ice caps and glaciers are melting and the world's drinking water reserves are dwindling. Many things are becoming self-perpetuating, irreversible. All of this challenges all of humanity to act.

With the transition to electromobility and digitalization, the international automotive corporations are becoming the drivers of the massive plundering of raw materials for their maximum profit. If criminal emissions fraud was already increasing air pollution, millions of tons of lithium and cobalt are now needed for batteries. The battle for these raw materials is on and car companies like Mercedes and VW are getting into mining and battery cell production themselves.

As the International Automotive Workers' Coordination, we support the 3rd International Miners' Conference from August 31 to September 3, 2023 in Germany and seek to stand shoulder to shoulder with miners in sharing experiences and struggle. Win more delegations of miners from your countries! Contribute to the success of this important conference! (for more information: )

The so-called "transformation" in the automotive industry has already led to plant closures and mass layoffs. People around the world are on the move. They are not resigned to inflation and the dismantling of social services. The IAC movement helped various workforces at Ford, Mercedes/Daimler/Evobus, VW, Opel and more in Germany, Brazil, India, South Africa, among others, to fight against the destruction of thousands of jobs and to cope with the social-chauvinist playing off against their colleagues in other countries. In Brazil, auto workers helped vote out the fascist Bolsonaro government. British trade unionists are organizing mass strikes for higher wages and against restrictions on the right to strike.

In Greece, there is no end to the mass protests. They are justifiably denouncing government policies as mainly responsible for the devastating train accident on March 1. In France, millions are striking and demonstrating against the increase in the retirement age. There was also a solidarity strike in Italy on March 29. This is the right way to move toward a Europe-wide day of strikes and struggles. On May 1, we take to the streets internationally for our interests and a future worth living. Here we show our worldwide solidarity and strength.

Strengthen the international unity of workers!

Against the destruction of jobs and for the 30 hour week or 6 hours per day with full wage compensation - worldwide!

For a full legal right to strike in all matters!

Against the rightward development and fascization of governments!

We fight for a world free of imperialist wars, hunger, poverty and environmental destruction!

Long live International Solidarity!


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