Solidarity greetings for the December 2, 2022 General Strike in Italy

16 October 2022: To the workers in Italy who are holding a general strike on December 2 To SI Cobas and other grassroots unions Colleagues, the International Coordination Group of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination sends you militant greetings for your general strike on December 2, 2022. With the slogan "Wages up, weapons down" you stand exemplary for the connection of the struggle for economic demands with the struggle against the imperialist war in Ukraine and the danger of a 3rd World War. The Italian workers' movement is also particularly challenged in the struggle against a right-ward government with the participation of fascists. Workers will not be harnessed to the cart of any imperialist, whether it is called NATO, Russia or the EU. The worldwide accelerated imperialist world crisis is a challenge for us workers to fight for a real upheaval of the destructive capitalist world order. There must be an end to the unscrupulous greed for profit against any humanity and perspective of future. For a world without exploitation and oppression, for a life in unity with nature. Militant, solidary greetings Long live International Solidarity!

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