Solidarity against the dismissal of Mancha, our member of the International Coordination Group and militant trade unionist, by GM Brazil

16 November 2022: On Thursday, November 10, 2022, GM Brazil terminated trade unionist Luiz Carlos Prates (called Mancha) after 35 years of service at the São José dos Campos plant. Mancha is known as a militant labor and union leader far beyond the plant's borders and Brazil. He has been organizing GM workers at São José dos Campos for better working and living conditions for decades. At the forefront, Mancha fought to successfully vote out fascist President Bolsonaro. Mancha stands for international workers' solidarity, for the common struggle of colleagues and trade unionists at GM. Mancha organized solidarity strikes against the closure of the Opel plant in Bochum.

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Mancha has been active in building and organizing the international automotive workers' coordination and since the 1st International Automotive Workers' Conference in 2015 has been a supporting member for the trade union confederation CSP-Conlutas representatives from Brazil in the International Automotive Workers' Coordination and Corporate Coordination Group of GM-Stellantis.

Is it fear of the GM-Opel-PSA worker unification that drove GM bosses to arbitrarily terminate Mancha without cause after he returned to work as a maintenance electrician following the expiration of a union leave of absence? The metal workers' trade unionists of São José dos Campos and the trade union umbrella organization CSP-Conlutas reject Mancha's dismissal as anti-democratic and anti-union and ask for international support in the struggle for Mancha's reinstatement.

Immediate reinstatement of Mancha!

Long live International Solidarity!

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