International Day of Environmental Struggle in Paris

Nov. 12, 2022: 20 delegations from 15 countries held a militant tribunal in Paris on Nov. 12 at the Place de la Republique, with representatives from the International Automotive Workers' Coordination. Deliberately, this tribunal took place at the site of the failed climate agreement. One speaker said, "27 UN climate conferences mean 27 conferences full of empty promises!" The call was made by the revolutionary world organization ICOR and the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist United Front.

The contribution of the participants of the International automotive workers' coordination stated: The car companies and their governments cause rampant individual traffic, that is a considerable sources of environmentally harmful substances. They want to stick to the technology of fossil combustion as long as possible and contrary to their propaganda, are one of the main causes of the climate crisis. In the program of struggle, the Automotive Workers Conference decided two years ago: We do not want to choose between jobs and environmental protection - we demand both! Energetic changeover to renewable energies! Free public transportation!

All over the world, the labor movement has been making its voice heard with struggles in recent weeks. Strikes in England were the background that the Prime Minister Truss had to go. In Iran, workers are in the forefront of revolutionary ferment, in France with strikes. In Germany, the metalworkers have started the hot phase in the collective bargaining round with powerful warning strikes. Independent actions, such as those at EVO-Bus in Mannheim and Ford Saarlouis against plant closures, are important signals in the struggle against passing on the burdens of the crisis and war. If the corporations and their governments coordinate across Europe, then it is necessary that the workers' movement acts together across national borders and thus becomes a strong force. We support the idea of a European-wide day of strikes and actions.

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