To the Team of "Indian Federation of Automotive unions (IFAU)" warm greetings from ICOG !!

Dear Avtar Singh, dear All, The International Coordinating Group (ICOG) of International Automotive Workers Coordination is very happy to learn about the foundation of an Indian Federation of Automotive unions on national level. Much success for this important and forward looking historical step. Cooperation with you for International solidarity of Automotive Workers and their families we will certainly and with great pleasure take up. Coordinated work will strengthen our Unity! You are going to establish an "Indian Federation of Automotive unions (IFAU)" in India. Thank you very much for inviting ICOG to the first inaugural meeting of IFAU. Our best wishes for the foundation of this National Federation of Automotive Workers Union.

Automobile industry is a fast growing industry in India. At the same time, many fundamental and technological changes are taking place in it rapidly. Automation is a growing trend towards manufacturing using robots and other digital technologies. In order to face the many changes and challenges expected in the future, unity and organization of all automobile workers is important.

The steps taken by you are very appropriate and necessary. Internationally, we are promoting the unity and strengthening of the union of workers in this sector. There are many innovations and developments taking place in this sector and manufacturing efficiency is increased rapidly. But automotive workers don't get any relief and benefit from this. On the other hand manpower deduction and low wages workers policies are coming forward and job security and gainful employment get challenged. VRS / VSS and plant closure and plant separation issues are increased. This situation is the same everywhere.

While in the expansion of the automobile industry in India with new technological changes, the federation of automobile workers Unions which you are going to form will address the workers' issues in Industry. Safe and gainful employment with moral and social respect for the working class and the struggle for more democratic rights and a world without exploitation and oppression is our vision and what we are fighting for. We hope that we will achieve it by organizing and strengthening the Automotive Workers Coordination and that you will get as federation a strong part of it. Attached our International Program of Struggle adopted at our 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference in South Africa in February 2020.

Best Wishes again from ICOG


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