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5 July 2022: Dear colleagues, on Wednesday, June 29, the workforce of the EVO bus plant (subsidiary of Daimler Truck) in Mannheim in Germany went up from 1:30 p.m on independent strike against the announcement to relocate the body shop to the Czech Republic. This was announced exactly on the day when the car/van plants of Daimler, which have been spun off since November 2021, were lulled into alleged security with new alleged "assurances for the future". There you can clearly see what the separation aimed at and always aims at.

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In Mannheim at EVO-Bus, the relocation of the body shop would mean the destruction of 1,000 jobs, in Ulm at EVO-Bus 500 jobs and many more at suppliers would be destroyed.

On Thursday, work was resumed, but there are intense discussions among the colleagues on how to organize an independent strike. Solidarity from other plants and internationally is needed and is being developed.

At Mercedes-Benz in Vitoria in Spain, the workforce is on strike against a planned further flexibilization of working hours and discrimination in new hires.

These strikes, as well as the struggle to defend 4,600 jobs at FORD Saarlouis and against the closure of FORD Chennai in India, show that the international working class is increasingly opposing the attacks of the corporations, its self-confidence and its willingness to fight is growing.

Our demand for a 30-hour week with full wage compensation and for a full legal right to strike in all matters provide an important orientation in this respect. In Europe in particular, these strikes are also an expression of the fact that the workforces are not being deterred by the propaganda of the ruling class that they should give up their demands in favor of the war in Ukraine. Certainly, numerous other struggles could be listed here.

The cooperation and coordination of struggles in the International Automobile Workers Movement is confirmed as an important step towards international unification and strengthening.

Write solidarity statements to the struggling workforces, strengthen the International Automotive Workers Coordination with the aim that there will be common struggles for common demands of the international automotive workers.


Militant greetings


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