1st of September 2022: International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War - International unity of workers - active for world peace

20 August 2022: With the Ukraine war the danger of a 3rd world war has enormously intensified. In Europe, the military alliance NATO and Russia, the leading nuclear powers (about 6,000 nuclear warheads each!) are bitterly confronting each other in this unjust imperialist war. On August 6, the day the first nuclear bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945, tens of thousands took to the streets this year in many countries against the threat of nuclear war. The worldwide expansion of nuclear power plants despite the last catastrophic experience in Fukushima serves not least the military nuclear armament.

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Today, September 1, the day of the beginning of World War II 83 years ago, we automotive workers call for international joint active resistance against any imperialist warmongering!

Automobile companies report billions in profits despite declining sales, squeezed out of the automotive workers with plant closures, layoffs and short-time work. Automotive workers at Ford, Stellantis, Daimler are taking up the fight against this. Ford colleagues in Chennai/India went on strike against planned layoffs, the logistics staff at Stellantis in Melfi/Italy paralyzed production, workers at the Daimler subsidiary Evobus in Mannheim/Germany went on strike in an independent manner and Ford workers in Saarlouis/Germany demonstrated with a blockade of a highway access road. At Mercedes-Benz in Vitoria/Spain, the workforce went on strike against a planned further flexibilization of working hours and discrimination against new hires. In Iran and Brazil, automotive workers took part in struggles against the governments.

Courageously, Greek and Italian port and transport workers took the lead in the struggle against imperialist war. They refused to load weapons from planes and ships respectively. Italian unions organized a general strike on May 20, 2022, under the slogan "Out of the war! Increase wages and social benefits!" International protests achieved that colleagues from SI Cobas in Italy, arrested for their strike participation, were released after about two weeks.

Let's take this as an example and use September 1 as an opportunity to strengthen workers' and trade union unity, coordinate our struggles even better and work for a world without exploitation and oppression.

Strengthen international workers' unity in the struggle for world peace!

Against shifting the burden of war and crisis onto the workers and their families! Fight for higher wages!

Against the suppression of workers' and trade union rights! For a full and legal right to strike in all matters!

Long live International Solidarity!

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