Call of the International Coordination Group for April 28 and May 1, 2022: 5 April 2022: Dear colleagues, We call upon all auto workers, their families and fellow workers: Come out on May 1, the International Day of Struggle of the Working Class! This year let us show with powerful demonstrations and strikes in all countries that we resolutely condemn imperialist wars and actively commit ourselves to world peace.

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From all the previous wars waged by the imperialists in competition for resources and markets we know that there is NOTHING for us to gain from them. The danger of a 3rd World War is fueled by the imperialist claims to supremacy of both Russia and the USA/EU/NATO.

We declare that we are organizing ourselves across borders to put an end to this war. We welcome the joint statement brought out by trade unionists at Ford from plants in Spain, France, Germany and Venezuela against the war. Our solidarity belongs to the people of Ukraine and Russia, as well as to all peace activists around the world who are opposing this inhumane and destructive war in Ukraine, sometimes in face of great repression.

After the severe effects of the Corona pandemic with millions of fatalities and continuing impairment of the health of many people, the 28th of April again takes on a growing significance in the year 2022. On this day, we commemorate our colleagues who have lost their lives at work and commit ourselves to improving occupational health and safety worldwide. It is a scandal that active trade unionists like the 20 shop stewards at VW in South Africa still have to fight against their dismissal in court because of their commitment to sufficient corona protection measures. We demand their immediate and unconditional reinstatement!

Worldwide, we are experiencing massive inflation that is devaluing our wages. Work stoppages due to Corona, the shortage of semiconductor chips and raw materials, and now missing parts from Ukraine and Russia have led to a halt in car production in many places. This is taking place at our expense and that of our families. Tens of thousands of auto workers in Russia face loosing everything and an uncertain future due to the withdrawal of international auto companies.

The war in Ukraine over spheres of influence, raw materials, international food resources and energy reserves is being used directly by President Bolsonaro in Brazil, for example, to push for the destruction of the Amazon rain forest. He is driving indigenous peoples from their ancestral homelands in order to exploit the raw materials there. As automotive workers, we advocate the preservation and protection of the natural environment, for sustainable and environmentally compatible transportation. The current "transformation" to electro-mobility and digitalization should not take place at the expense of our jobs and incomes. We stand for a mobility of the future in unity of humankind and nature!

The 3rd World Conference of Grassroots Women from September 3 - 10, 2022 in Tunis in Tunisia will strengthen the international solidarity and power of the militant women's movement. We call for support and participation.

Workers of the world, unite!

Against the destruction of jobs and for the 30 hour week or 6-hour day with full wage compensation - worldwide!

For a full legal right to strike in all matters!

Against the rightward development and fascization of governments!

We fight for a world free of imperialist wars, hunger, poverty and environmental catastrophes!

Our vision is a world without exploitation and oppression, where people can live in peace!

Long live International Solidarity!

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