ICOG statement on imperialist aggression in Ukraine and the threat of world war

28 February 2022: We think of the suffering of the millions of people in Ukraine. Our sympathy goes out to them. We stand by the side of our colleagues in Ukraine and Russia. In particular, we stand in solidarity with the courageous peace activists in Russia and with the resistance of the Ukrainian people, rising up against the occupation. We greet the participants from these countries, which were at our 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference 2020. The International Automotive Workers' Coordination condemns Russia's imperialist attack on Ukraine. Immediate stop of the bombardments! Russian troops out of Ukraine!

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The NATO military alliance under the leadership of the USA with its gradual eastward expansion has helped to provoke this situation. The danger of a World War III has never been so great. Both imperialist groups NATO/USA/EU and Russia are obviously ready for anything. The EU supplies weapons and Russia has put its nuclear forces on alert.

The imperialist war is the continuation of politics by other means. The target of the imperialists is the world domination in the intensified international competition on the background of the world economic and financial crisis and the new crisis of raw materials and logistics. Ukraine is rich in gas, coal and oil.

Contrary to the massive psychological preparation for war in the East and West, the International Automotive Workers' Coordination is fighting against any influence of a nationalist or social-chauvinist mode of thinking in its program of struggle. "Instead of being harnessed by power interests of nation states or corporations, the workers* must internationally reflect on their class interests and strengthen international class solidarity."

International Automotive Workers Coordination calls for resistance against any imperialist war effort, for the preservation of global peace.

Demonstrations are successfully held in various countries around the planet.

Let’s discuss immediate common steps in the struggle for global peace broadly at work, on the shop floor and union meetings!

Organize in the companies and trade unions protest and resistance actions and even strikes! Line up and strengthen the new international peace movement against all imperialists!

Fight the threat of world war! Withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine!

Russia and USA/EU/NATO hands off Ukraine!

For the right of self-determination of the peoples, for peace and friendship among peoples!

Strengthen the International Workers' and Trade Union Unity and International Workers Solidarity in the struggle for global peace!

Long live International Solidarity!

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