Unite All Workers for Democracy extends our full solidarity with the autoworkers at the Opel Eisenach plant in their struggle to save their jobs.

We are a rank-and-file caucus inside the United Auto Workers fighting to change the direction of our union away from corruption and top-down business unionism in favor of democracy, global solidarity, and resistance to corporate greed.

                                                                                                                   16.November 2021

Autoworkers in the U.S. are all too familiar with the devastating impact of plant closings. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler — now part of Stellantis — have closed hundreds ofplants since the 1970s. More have been closed than the number of plants still standing, and those plants are now highly automated, employing a fraction of the workforce once needed to produce vehicles. Workers at parts supplier companies have suffered a similar fate.


These massive job cuts have decimated the ranks of the UAW, dragging our numbers down from over one million to under 400,000, with roughly 150,000 at the so-called “Big Three.”


The plans of Stellantis’ executives for Eisenach mirror the attitude of their predecessor, FCA Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne, who famously said, “The UAW has to get used to a culture of poverty.”


We say NO! A job — with decent wages and benefits and a pension — is a human right!

Autoworkers around the world must unite and resist capitalist plans in Eisenach and everywhere to destroy our livelihoods, families and communities.


UAWD Steering Committee

Scott Houldieson Chairperson

Andrew Bergman

Chris Budnick

Michael Cannon

Jose Estrada Perez

Martha Grevatt

Bill Parker

Eric Truss

Cody Zaremba




Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD) is a rank-and-file caucus inside the United Auto Workers fighting to rebuild our union to a militant worker centered union.  Please find attached a statement of solidarity with our union family in the fight against corporate greed.

In solidarity,

Scott Houldieson UAWD Steering Committee Chairperson






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