The strike of the ‘Iran car’ factory workers of “Tabriz.” in protest to low wages & lack of creating working levels 3 monthly contracts and difficult working condition!

The workers of the “Iran Car “factory of Tabriz have gone on strike so that they can reflect their demands about the low wages, lack of having working levels 3 monthly contracts hard working conditions and low wages.

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From the morning of Saturday 15 th of October. The workers of the ‘Iran Car’ factory of ‘Tabriz. Situated in 30 Km. of the Tabriz Rd. of the city of ‘Azar-Shahr’ in protest to lack of wage rising work discrimination and the inability of being paid their wages on time have stopped work and gone on strike according to the report received from the workers the reason for this strike is because of postponement of wages and also mentioning that in the past 2 years the sale price of the cars have gone up fivefold, but unfortunately, there has been no increase in wages. The other reason for the strike is the uneven distribution of wages in different centres of production; and the workers have protested several times to the management & the management simply ignores their protest. This source has also informed us that the management to prevent the workers from gathering have cancelled the afternoon shift. On Sunday 16 th October.’ The head of the work & social welfare explained to a reporter that the reason for the workers strike is about fairness in wages rather than postponement of wages. He further explained that the specialty and education as well as the expertise of the workers should be a deciding factor in the payment of their wages. Unfortunately, because of delay to provide a qualified leveling of the workers’ jobs there has been discrimination at the workplace. He also stressed about the speed with which the workers leveling of job positions should be approved and said that: in a meeting, yesterday, it was agreed that the levelling of job positions must be completed within the next twenty days and give to the company’s management. He further explained that in this meeting the length of the workers contract should be reviewed as it stands the workers contract is for three months and according to the worker’s competence, function and creating incentive, it should be increased. The head of the social welfare further explained the other decision is to determine the dangerous and damaging jobs at the work environment and prescribed that with the cooperation of the medical school of the university, the pollutant at work must be identified and acted on immediately, also indicated that there are some problems in some work conditions like working hours and conditions for overtime work that has been referred to the specialist committee for review.





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