International Day of Environmental Struggle on 6 November 2021: Workers' and environmental movement together against the destruction of the natural environment, our health and jobs

After almost two years of Covid-19 Pandemic, which has intensified the world economic and financial crisis, we know how much it’s important to avoid another sanitary crisis. In addition, this has much to do with the environment.

As capitalism and its predatory aspect continues to pollute our waters and our atmosphere all over the world, governments accelerate this process of destruction, like the fascist Bolsonaro government in Brazil. They are applying criminal policies against the environment, playing a role in defense of loggers, land grabbers and farmers in actions of deforestation, fires and invasion of indigenous lands. That is why we have seen in Brazil the Amazon on fire, the boundless advance in the use of pesticides, environmental disasters and the increasing of violence against forest peoples, such as indigenous, quilombola and rural workers. This has provoked fierce resistance mainly from indigenous peoples to defend their lands and culture.

According to a study carried out by Global Land Analysis and Discovery (GLAD) at the University of Maryland in the United States, deforestation alerts in Africa, Asia and South America in the period February to June 2020 had an increase of 150%, 95% and 40%, respectively, compared to the average for 2017 to 2019.

We, workers in the automotive sector, are aware of the considerable contribution of the automotive industry to serious global environmental pollution. We fight to ensure that car production no longer damages the environment. But, we resolutely oppose the "greenwashing" of the car companies, which disguise their striving for maximum profits in the mantle of conversion to electromobility.

In this Day of Environmental Struggle, we want to reinforce that we advocate in defense of this rights not just for us, what it is urgent, but also for the next generations, protecting our environment and preserving human rights and health.

Also amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Fridays for Future Movement conducted again a "global climate strike day" on 24 September 2021. Also automotive workers and activists from International Automotive Workers coordination participated.

All over the world, workers from automotive sector are fighting for rights and against mass layoffs, plant closures and increased exploitation. This shows general strike of the grassroots unions in Italy on October 11, strikes in engineering sector in South Africa, workers in struggle at GM São Caetano do Sul in Brazil, against the closure of Opel Eisenach in Germany, at GM in Silao, Mexico, in India, Philippines and many other movements around the world.

The unity of the workers' and environmental movement is an important issue of our International Program of Struggle, which was adopted by the 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference in South Africa in February 2020. This unity is also increasingly becoming reality as a result of discussions in the workers' and environmental movements. For example, workers at Bosch in Munich consciously demonstrated together with the environmental movement for the preservation of the plant and more environmentally friendly production. A signal for the future!

In our Program of Struggle, we defend the importance of "Strengthen the unity of the environmental and workers' movement in the struggle against the destruction of the natural environment and the deterioration of health! We do not want to decide between jobs or protection of the environment – we demand both! It is not the protection of the environment that is responsible for the destruction of jobs, but the striving for profits by multinational corporations!.

We make a call to reinforce the international environmental and workers' movement against the capitalist profit economy that undermines our dignity and all social progress.

Workers' and environmental movement together against the environmentally destructive profit economy!

For the protection of the natural environment and the preservation of human health!

Together against the worldwide thousand fold destruction of jobs!

For the 30 hour week with full wage compensation!

Long live international solidarity!

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