International Automotive Workers Coordination International Information Letter GM-Stellantis No. 22 - October 2021 From the group coordination Stellantis/GM in the IAC

Dear Colleagues, due to a current occasion we turn to you today with a special international information letter: On Thursday, September 30, in a night-and-fog action by Stellantis, the closure of the Opel plant in Eisenach/Germany was initiated. With the official reason of semiconductor bottlenecks Stellantis announced to shut down the production in Eisenach immediately until the end of the year at first.

When the colleagues were informed, the management had already created facts by starting to empty the production lines and assembly halls. All material, including empties, is to be removed from the plant. Dispatchers were instructed to divert material to Sochaux. The facelift of the Grandland, which was supposed to start in Eisenach, will now most likely be moved to Sochaux in France. In addition, the spin-off of the German assembly plants from the Opel group has been announced. All of this is clear evidence that Stellantis is attempting to close the plant completely using surprise tactics. At the same time, it is claimed that production will continue in January "if the supply chains allow it." Through such deceptive announcements, they want to give the colleagues illusions that a struggle is not necessary.

Colleagues are being systematically lied to and taken by cold surprise just a few days after the Bundestag elections in Germany. New attacks on the workforces were also announced in other groups in Germany after the Bundestag elections. We assume that these attacks have been planned for a long time and certainly not only in Germany! Highest vigilance and closest union of the workforces are the order of the day! The consequences of the global economic and financial crisis are to be passed on to us workers and our families. This must be prevented through joint struggle within the Group! We stand up for the demand for a 6-hour day with full wage compensation, in Germany for the 30-hour week with full wage compensation. In Germany there is no general right to strike, but only for trade unions, and only when the term of a collective agreement ends. Therefore, an all-round and complete statutory right to strike must also be fought for here.

The IG Metall union is threatening a "massive conflict" with Stellantis. From the colleagues of the CGT union in Sochaux, the Eisenach workers have already received a declaration of solidarity within 24 hours. They also immediately organized a joint press conference for the French press. In Eisenach, after just one day, a solidarity circle was formed to do public relations work, organize a vigil, and collect signatures and donations for the struggle.

On October 29, the IG Metall trade union is holding a nationwide day of action throughout Germany. A rally and demonstration will also take place in Eisenach. Colleagues from Volkswagen in Zwickau and French colleagues from five cities will also participate.

We call on you to organize solidarity for this struggle and to prepare the common group-wide struggle. Who attacks one workforce, attacks us all! What is necessary is a company-wide struggle for every job, for a reduction in working hours with full wage compensation and for our political rights and freedoms! Discuss this with your colleagues, send declarations of solidarity to the Eisenach workforce and to our homepage, and organize protest actions. Please inform us about the developments and discussions in your company!

Please send solidarity statements to the following email addresses:

In an additional info letter, we will shortly be covering other burning current developments such as the struggle at GM in Sao Caetano in Brazil and in Silao in Mexico, the success of the colleagues in Bogota/Colombia, the general strike in Italy, the threatened relocation of the development center from Rüsselsheim/Germany to Morocco, new developments in Poland and Austria or the struggle against job destruction at the Stellantis plant in Windsor, Canada,


With solidarity greetings,

Frank, Fritz and Verena

Information Letter GM-Stellantis No. 22 - October 2021 From the group coordination Stellantis/GM in the IAC

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